How Office Design Can Increase Productivity

What does an employee first notice when s/he steps into an office, even if that’s for an interview?

The answer is simple and obvious; ‘Ambience of the workplace.’ Yes, many may not consider that but surroundings have a great impact on how you perform. And it’s not just me who says that office design plays a vital role in employee productivity but data suggests that creatively designed workplaces can increase an individual’s productivity by 20 percent.

You may be having doubts on how exactly does recreate your office design will impact productivity and to clear all your doubts, we’ll be discussing the same today:

Office Interiors is directly proportional to productivity: 

  • Lighting is the key:

Have you ever tried to work with full-dedication in a dully lit-up room?

Speaking from personal experience, I have never been able to work efficiently if the brightness of the room is not up to the standards. Dull lighting not only creates a depressing aura for employees but can also result in issues like headaches, screen strain(eyes), tiredness and more which in turn decreases productivity. Proper lighting is one such factor that can never be overlooked when designing any space and office spaces are no exception. Try to include both natural lighting as well as artificial lighting to make the workplace bright and see the results for yourself.

  • Can’t compromise with the color of the room:

Colour has a very significant effect on our mood and emotions. Bright and jolly colors can light up the day for anyone, thereby contributing towards uplifting productivity. Color act as an encouraging factor for the brain to function efficiently. However, you don’t need to add too many colors. A few bright colors can do the work for you. Two very popular colors that must be included in every workspace are green which is said to reflect creativity and blue which reflects productivity.

  • Minimize noise levels: 

One major factor of concern that decreases the level of productivity is the disturbance caused due to high levels of noise at the workplace. When designing office spaces, it is to be kept in mind that it is designed to minimize the unnecessary disturbing noise that affects productivity. This can be done by opting for sound-absorbing glasses, eliminating outside noises. Once you get rid of the annoying noises from your workplace, you’ll see a significant rise in the day-to-day productivity of your staff. 

  • Provide comfortable furniture:

Comfort is directly proportional to productivity at workplaces and therefore comfortable furniture shouldn’t be overlooked. Data from various trusted reports suggest that back pain is one of the major reasons for low productivity and missed office days. Moreover, it is reported that almost 80% of humans suffer from back pain during their lifetime. Also, it is a known fact that one of the reasons behind back pain is the sitting posture (uncomfortable furniture). Offering employees with comfortable and back-friendly furniture not only ensures their well-being but also keeps them motivated to work, keeping health issues like back pain at bay.

  • Meditation room to refresh the mind:

The human brain needs rest every now and then and meditation is one way to release stress. Productive office spaces should be designed in a way that features a separate meditation room where employees can sit down to relax their minds and help them come up with better productivity.

  • Dedicated space for entertainment and recreational activities:

You might have heard “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and this is true for all the Jacks(employees) out there. Continuously working for hours with no entertainment, ultimately makes an employee lose interest in his/her work. Even dedicated employees find it difficult to deliver their work on time when all they have is work all day long. Therefore, it becomes a natural part of any workplace to include a dedicated space for entertainment and recreational activities which has Table Tennis, Carrom, Pool, PlayStation, Television, etc.

  • Decorate with small plants when and where possible:

Naturally beautifying a place is the best option available when it comes to designing office spaces. Using small plants like creepers in your workplace not only makes it more attractive but also keeps the office ventilated with fresh flowing air. It is always wise to include plants and flowers(if possible) in your office space. And if you are wondering how this will affect productivity then the simple answer to that is freshness and fragrance can make any soul joyful which is a must when it comes down to uplifting productivity.   


So now you know the importance of office design in encouraging the employees to perform better every day. Create a place where employees feel attached to their work rather than getting distracted. It doesn’t require much, just a few minor but important changes and your perfect workplace is ready.

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