Poetic Architecture of Iowa’s High Trestle Trail Bridge. Ever since the grand opening of the High Trestle Trail on April 30, 2011. there has been a steady stream of people venturing out to enjoy the scenery.

There are kids on tricycles, elderly couples out for a stroll, bicycle enthusiasts. Bicycle amateurs, high school joggers, people in wheelchairs. Travelers from 3 miles and travelers from 350 miles.  all with smiles on their faces as they cross over the ½ mile long, 13-story high Bridge with views reaching 5 miles in both directions.

So, Friends lets have a get some overall ideas. About Poetic Architecture of Iowa’s High Trestle Trail Bridge.

Poetic Architecture of Iowa’s High Trestle Trail Bridge

high trestle trail bridge,

Let’s get the some Background on the High Trestle Trail and bridge:

The High Trestle Trail is built on a former railroad bed, previously owned by Union Pacific Railroad.

The trail is famous for its 13-story and 1/2 mile long bridge over the Des Moines River, located between Madrid and Woodward in Boone County.

There are six overlooks on the bridge with interpretive panels that highlight the region’s cultural and natural history.

high trestle trail bridge,

The trail was designed by Snyder & Associates. The bridge was designed by Snyder & Associates and Shuck-Britson, Inc. The artistic enhancements were designed by Dahlquist Art Studios/ RDG Planning & Design.

Know more about Innovative Architecture.

At each end of the ½ mile long bridge are four 42’ tall artistic towers. The dark bands represent geologic coal veins found in area limestone deposits.

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