The Palazzo Italia – an Italian pavilion expo milano 2015

The Palazzo Italia – an Italian pavilion expo Milano, the winners of the bid for the Italian pavilion expo milano 2015 were announced recently.

Three firms teamed up for the winning submission selected out of 65 entries from all over the world: Rome based architecture firm Nemesi & Partners, Proger SpA from Pescara together with Bms Progetti Srl in Milan won the bid.

The winning team will be designing not only the 12 000 square meter Italian Pavilion Palazzo Italia, but a series of other buildings, pavilions and exhibition spaces that will line the main walkway of the Expo site as well.

The Palazzo Italia – an Italian pavilion expo milano

From the Desk of an Architect:

The project Italian pavilion expo milano involves the construction of the Palazzo Italia, a building of approximately 12,800 square meters hosting exhibition areas, institutional offices, auditoriums, rooms for delegations, and the construction of regional buildings of the Cardo.

The Palazzo Italia islikelytoremain even in the post-expo phase, being identified as one of the permanent buildings of the area.TheCardo buildings instead are temporaryonesandwill be dismantled and probably relocated to another area,to be determined, after the end of the Expo event.

Italian pavilion expo milano,
The Palazzo Italia and theCardo buildingsare planned according to a unique design concept. which is an urban woodland. in which the architecture, through its own skin and volumetric articulation.

It has the appearance of a forest where visitors can dive in and discover a picturesque landscape-architecture.

Italian pavilion expo milano,

  • Location: Milan – Italy
  • Client: Expo ( Italian pavilion expo milano )
  • BMS Task: Structural and System Project
  • Project value: Eur 40 millions
Italian pavilion expo milano,

The idea behind the winning theme is the typical Italian square or Piazza, and the lively community that interacts within and around it.

The open air piazza is located on the ground floor and leads to other functional spaces like 2 500 meters of exhibition areas, offices, meeting rooms for a total of 2 350 square meters.

And an auditorium as well as a second covered square of around 2 000 square meters, all connected to the openairpiazzaby means of a series of suspended bridges.

Italian pavilion expo milano,

Each of the four volumesis intendedto be independent, like four branches on a tree in perfect theme with the – ‘tree of life’ concept that the competitionwas based on.

Italian pavilion expo milano,

Needless to say that sustainability was another very important aspect. The special heating and cooling system makes sure that the inside temperature remains mild, glass surfaces have a second ‘skin’ made out of a special cement-resin.

While roof gardens with plants and trees and green terraces will be meeting places for visitors to the Milan Expo Pavilion.

Italian pavilion expo milano,

The sixstorey building will be 25 meters high and have a bar and panoramic restaurant on the top floor. With a €40 million price tag, the complexis intendedto be extremely flexible and functional during and after the 2015 Universal Expo.

Italian pavilion expo milano,

Palazzo Italia – Italian pavilion expo milano will be the only building that will remain permanently on the site after the closure of the Milan Expo in October 2015.

So friends, this is all about Italian pavilion expomilano andit’s architectural aspects and design development concept.

Italian pavilion expo milano,

I hope you enjoy it.

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