What Luxury Home Buyers Want – High end home features list and amenities items

What Luxury Home Buyers Want: This is what Luxury Home Buyers Want Most in their List is not just a well-appointed home. Rather, a luxurious home is one whose amenities allow for the owner to feel lavished upon or spoiled. Think royalty; Think opulence; And Think extreme extravagance.

The word luxury brings to mind plenty of conveniences such as, pools, saunas, in-home gyms, backyard tennis courts, game rooms, and fully-stocked kitchens ̶ but what are the items that luxury home buyers want the most?  What Luxury Home Buyers Want for when shopping for their new abode?

What Luxury Home Buyers Want Most in their List

Here are  what Luxury Home Buyers Want ideas listed in order of popularity that we think may intrigue even the wealthiest of home shoppers (or if you’re not among the jet-set, then here are lavish home ideas that you can attempt to replicate on a much lower scale and less affluent budget).

A Home Where Character Counts – Open Floor Plans Triumph:


A home is not luxurious unless it has a grand entryway with a large two-story staircase and an expansive, airy open floor plan.  In fact, an open floor plan is the number one criteria cited in a 2013  what Luxury Home Buyers Want survey done by Coldwell Banker .



We cannot shy away from the ever-increasing swarm of technological innovations. Today’s what Luxury Home Buyers Want it all when it comes to technology, and the builders that cater to this tech-trend are the ones who stay at the top of the real estate market.

Literally, with a touch of a button on your iPhone you can now lock your doors, control your homes climate, control lights and control your alarm system ̶ all from the other side of the country! These are the built-in features that today’s luxury home buyers are looking for.

Builders who install these wireless home automation devices are spot-on with the trends that what Luxury Home Buyers Want.

On the opposite end of the technology spectrum is a growing trend for reclaimed materials. Homeowners are increasingly becoming aware of their environmental imprint and are looking for homes that use old reclaimed materials such as wood beams, wood flooring and doors.

Fully-Stocked Kitchen with Warming Draws and Wine Cellar:


Ah the kitchen, the heart of the home. Opulent living requires a magnificent kitchen. Forbes Magazine cites that an appliance-lined, commercial-grade kitchen is a necessity when it comes to a million dollar home.  An affluent kitchen will always contain warming draws, wine fridges, restaurant quality appliances, and plenty of storage via a walk-in pantry.

Outdoor Kitchens and Pools:


A fully-stocked indoor kitchen is simply not enough for one who seeks luxury.  Wealthy buyers now crave the creature comforts of a cozy outdoor kitchen and cooking area.

The top amenities of the ideal outdoor kitchen would include a built-in gas grill, a sink and stainless food prep area, a small fridge for food and drink storage, and plenty of lavish stone patio seating areas for entertaining.

Large pools, hot tubs and changing cabanas also top this lavish wish list. Expansive pools with water features such as waterfalls and plenty of privacy are a must. The leisure life is moving out-of-doors and those homes that have this al fresco flair rank high in the upper crust life style.

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