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How Can You Make Your Rental House Pet Friendly?

Are you a dog or a cat lover? Maybe you like fishes or birds instead. Irrespective of what you prefer to keep in your house, you should make your house on rent in Mumbai pet-friendly. Pets are true companions, and keeping pets also has many therapeutic benefits. However, owning a pet is also a huge commitment and a responsibility as you need to care for them like babies. For this, homeowners first should ensure the rental house is pet-friendly to make their pet friend stay comfortable.

So, while looking for houses for rent in Secunderabad, you should first consider a few aspects of selecting a pet-friendly place. But you might be wondering how you can do it. To help you with this, below, we have listed some primary tips that will assist you in making your rental house pet-friendly.

Rental House Pet Friendly,

Keep pet-friendly furniture

After moving into your selected house for rent in Secunderabad, you first need to purchase pet-friendly furniture. Whether you keep a dog, cat, or any other pet, they can make your house dirty. As a result, you need to select furniture that has stain-resistant fabric. These are helpful as they efficiently keep the pet hairs at bay. Besides, you should avoid using silks and velvets as they are prone to scratches and stains. Instead, you can buy furniture made of leather or synthetic microfiber.

Search for pet-friendly floors

There are many houses on rent in Mumbai that have pet-friendly floors. As a homeowner, you need to ensure that your place floors are suitable for pets of different kinds. You can search for floors, resisting scratching, urine stain, and other damage from pets. Consider installing laminate, hardwood floors, porcelain tiles, and stain-resistant carpeting. So, think about it while renting a pet-friendly house.

Use pet-friendly colours

You should pick a rental home with semigloss paint and satin or eggshell finish, as these do not only look elegant but are easy to clean as well. It means you can clean the urine stains of pets without much complication. Therefore, while checking out houses for rent in Secunderabad, think about it making the place pet-proof.

Buy trash cans with lids.

Another thing you need to consider for making your house on rent in Mumbai pet friendly is to buy trash cans with lids. Pets like dogs and cats often get into the trash cans. As a result, you need to purchase trash cans with lids to avoid old food and other dirty things thrown across your floor. Hence, while buying, ensure that you select a trash can that is secure and sturdy so that the pet cannot knock it over. Therefore, it is another crucial consideration to check out while renting a pet-friendly place.

Installing window screens 

Cat owners must install a window screen. Based on the evidence, numerous cats have died because of high-rise syndrome. It is a situation in which cats fall out of a high-rise, which is catastrophic. So, before making your houses for rent in Secunderabad pet friendly, you should install screens on the windows to keep them secure. If you consider this, you can make your rental house pet-proof by offering them a healthy and secure life.

Keep the medicine and food items in a secure location.

Before signing the contract for houses for rent in Secunderabad, you should keep in mind the above point to make the place pet-friendly. Cats and dogs tend to get into medicine. They chew or swallow it and cause many health hazards. So, if you keep your medicines in a secure location or on a high shelf, you can avoid such issues. Apart from medicines, you also need to keep food items like chocolate, nuts, grapes, raisins, avocados, and others in separate and out of reach locations. If you do this, you can efficiently make your rental house suitable for pets.

Pet-friendly neighbourhood

Although there is a violation of the Indian Constituency to not allow any pets inside society or a complex, However, it is better to check if your neighborhood is pet friendly or not. Most people do not feel offended when dogs bark as it is their usual way to communicate with human beings. However, you have to show proof of proper vaccinations and medications for your pet to the members of the society or building. It is better not to select any neighborhood for your rental house which has a restriction on pets.  

Other vital considerations before giving a house on rent in Mumbai

Besides the above tips, consider the below factors to make your houses for rent in Secunderabad pet-friendly. 

  • Keep steps for pets to climb onto high furniture.
  • Cover the sharp edges of the furniture.
  • Store cleaning materials and other chemicals in a secured cabinet.
  • Keep the lids of trash cans and toilets closed.
  • Avoid keeping poisonous plants.

Final Verdict

So, these are some vital and helpful tips to make your rental place pet-friendly. All the tricks listed above are not difficult to execute. As a house owner, you only should follow these and make your house on rent in Mumbai perfectly livable for your furry friend. Remember, keeping pets is a huge responsibility, and you should look after them by leaving no stone unturned. 

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