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Modern Aalloa Hills Villa by INI Design Studio in Gandhinagar Gujarat

Modern Aalloa Hills Villa located near Gandhinagar city in Gujarat, Aalloa Hills embraces rest and repose in close connect with nature. This net-zero residence, a bright white bridge spanning the Sabarmati Riverside terrains, stands out uniquely in the ambient wilderness. Villa position in such a way on a natural plateau with commanding views of the river and forest. It hovers above the ground, respecting the undisturbed flow of natural terrain. Blurring the lines between inside and outside spaces, desing integrates with the native landscape, infusing volumes with light and shadow, transforming the space like dynamic art created by architecte on canvas of nature.

Aalloa Hills Villa Architecture

A simple yet elegantly composed cubical form span linearly across the valley, strung together by a thread-like access ramp.

We are looking design development, starting from the staff quarters below and leading from the entrance parking bay. The ramp connects the guest house to the main house atop the plateau.

This curated spatial journey unveils a controlled panorama of the valley view, with the house situated off the ground on pilots like a modern Machan, offering resplendent views through deep, shady verandahs.

Villa Project Fact File

  • Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat, INDIA
  • Architects: INI Design Studio
  • Area: 1347 m²
  • Year: 2023
  • Photographs:The Space Tracing Company
  • Manufacturers: Saint-Gobain, Daikin, Jotun, Kohler, Molteni & C, Om Marble, Regent, Schuco, Siemens, Stanley Hardware
  • Lead Architects: Jayesh Hariyani, Bindu Hariyani
  • Structural Engineers: B. K. Shah
  • Facade Contractors: Hi-Fab, The Window Factory
  • Civil Contractor: Ketan Thakkar
  • City: Gandhinagar
  • Country: India

Villa Design Concept

Geometric precision and axial planning create an interesting dialogue between the built and open spaces, while allowing a seamless flow of spaces, light, water, breeze, vegetation, and sounds of birds and trees.

The purposefull placement of solid walls and create voids to achieves a delicate balance between the built forms and the lush green surroundings.

The orientation of villa optimizes the use of natural terrains and the hot semi-arid climate, with energy-efficient sun breakers on the west side contributing to the residence’s sustainable ethos.

Villa Design Elements

The east-facing veranda, a dual-function space, acts as a sunscreen during the day and transforms into an outdoor haven during mornings and evenings.

A china-mosaic lined roof-top thwarts the harsh sunlight, and architectural design elements like wide, painted, cavity masonry form sun-breakers along the verandas. Also, use of sunk slab with cinder filling, and double-glazed windows team up to reduce heat absorption.

These villa design consideration are allow comfortable indoor spaces without air conditioning for 9 months of the year. Additionally, breezes blowing over the pool and a waterfall flanking the main block on either side cool the house significantly.

Villa Landscape Design

All existing vegetation and green elements on the site was retained, and 400+ new trees and shrubs, which play host to the many birds and other creatures who visit and inhabit the environs, were planted. This conscious effort resonates with the spirit of giving back, a thankfulness for Nature’s bounty bestowed.

Villa Exterior Design

The bold monochrome palette, with the bright white exterior of the horizontally disposed structure. Punctuated by the black stone flooring along the balconies, sets off the natural hues of the plateau and valley in stark contrast.

Villa Interior Design

The minimalist yet plush black and white interiors fashion a comfortable, unobtrusive space where landscape and artwork colors are celebrated year-round.

Public and private spaces are seamlessly integrated, with a double-height living area as the focal point.

As occupants of all rooms spill onto shaded outdoor living spaces to view the lush, undulating neighborhood, like a canvas to fete the green. Squarely framed by the ample fenestration, team INI doffs its hat to the modernist masters.

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