Modern House Architecture in Geometric Shape and Figure

Every House Design Have a specific Geometric shape. But some modern house design have a cool looking geometric shape and figure. That will attract our attention by their geometric figure and geometric pattern. So, These real-life modern house design go beyond the cool-looking-concept phase. These geometric shape prove how diverse, innovative and unexpected houses design. That can be when architects tailor each one to specific needs and surroundings.

Geometric Shape and Figure in House Design

Let’s get some ideas and inspiration from the best contemporary house architecture. With best suit with their geometric shape and figures.

Blooming Origami House by IROJE KHM

This geometric shape house set on the edge of Seoul’s Bukhansun National Park. this geometric shape of polyhedral structure by IROJE KHM Architects.

Blooming Origami House by IROJE KHM

Modern house features an angular facade designed to protect two interior courtyards from the eyes of neighbors and passersby. So the inhabitants can feel like they live in nature.

Blooming Origami Geometric House Design by IROJE KHM

Blooming Origami Geometric shape House Architecture by IROJE KHM

The geometric house roof points mimic the surrounding mountains. And transitional spaces planted with grasses and trees. This type of house plans make it hard to tell, where the outdoor areas end and the interiors begin.

Sky Bridge Geometric Shape House by ONG&ONG

Two separate halves of this dramatic geometric shape concrete home in Singapore by ONG&ONG. These are connect by a glass sky bridge, dividing the social areas of the home from the bedrooms.

Sky Bridge Concrete House by ONG&ONG

Private Courtyard in geometric shape concrete house

On the ground floor, a courtyard with stone steps dotting a shimmering reflecting pool. That design offer another way from one volume to the next. Also, stretching all the way up to the sky to draw in sunlight.

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Transparent Zig-Zag Geometric House by Yuusuke Karasawa.

You probably don’t want to live in ’S-House’ by Yuusuke Karasawa.  Unless you don’t mind trucking up and down stairs all day. and don’t really value privacy.

Transparent Zig Zag House by Yuusuke Karasawa

This visually stunning and highly unusual modern geometric home design encase a series of zigzagging platforms and stairways in glass. Segmenting what would normally be a two-story space into five levels.

Zig Zag Geometric Shape House by Yuusuke Karasawa

These mezzanine levels contain all the normal living spaces you’d expect in a fully functional residence. These photos were taken right after its completion, so it would be interesting to see it furnished and in use.

Blobular S-House by SDeG.

This geometric shape house looks like a bunch of space-age modules. That got lost on their way to the next Star Trek set. And then stacked on top of each other in urban India.

contemporary design,

 SDeG Architects wanted the home to feel, as if the inside is cushioned from the harsh elements and noise of the outside. House design giving it a thickened concrete envelope in a bulbous texture.

contemporary design,

Also, create a temperature-regulating air gap. The facade also disguises an upper-level swimming pool. Read More Detail about Bubble House.

Spiked Sundial Geometric Figure House by Daniel Libeskind.

Daniel Libeskind’s 18.36.54 house is named for all of the planes, points. This geometric shape house lines of its mirror-finish bronzed stainless steel exterior.

Spiked Sundial Geometric Shape House by Daniel Libeskind

Exterior Facade of modern house was conceived as a spiraling ribbon. Two jutting pointed extensions create the look of a sundial. when we are view a house from certain angles.

geometric shape,

Bronze Cladding in Geometric Shape House by Daniel Libeskind

And the reflective surface seems to shift and change every hour and every day of the year as the sun hits it.

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So, Wingers – These are the examples of geometric shape house design. With their contemporary architecture in geometric figures and shapes. That type of geometric shapes create a language in-house design style. What do you say?. Have a thoughts on it, share with us.

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