How do BAPS Swaminarayan Girls Boarding School Building Plans look?

A Modern Boarding School Building design by Architect Kapadia associates complete in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. This is an ultra modern Girl boarding school building layout plans and concept architecture for BAPS Trust.

BAPS is a charitable organization with holistic and spiritual education. As one of it is key goals. This Trust approaches the architect with a brief to build a self-contained Girls school campus on the outskirts of the city of Gandhinagar, very close to Ahmadabad.

Boarding school Building design case study with Plans and Pictures.

boarding school building,

The school building designs plans for the campus is conceived as a low-rise network of buildings and landscape spaces that encourage encounter & communication.

Girls Boarding school design concept architecture.


The boarding school design concept is derive by the central spine or street as an organizing device. Along which a series of linear blocks are attache.

Used by students from all the blocks, this central street creates porous zones of interaction that flow into each other.

Boarding school design layout planning.


Along the central spine, the sequential visual journey also matches the structure of program- Administration, School, Sports hall, Residential in that order.

Boarding school architectural design.

Upstairs the corridors layer the learning spaces. And allow Diffused natural light and ventilation by means of a GRC Jalli. Those are design with a distinct graphic pattern.


This custom pattern of RCC work was designed to resonate with the Trusts iconography and identity.


Product Description: To match with the palette of the Concrete building façades – Matt finish Grey vitrified tiles for flooring were used manufactured by Restile.

Boarding school accommodation design.

The boarding school building corridors are spaced with concrete walls with round geometric openings. These shaded pockets allow pause spaces and relief from the harsh sun glare during summers.

primary-boarding-school-design-concepts baps-boarding-school-dormitory-design

Boarding school facade design: The exposed concrete facades draw architectural inspiration from the institutional heritage of Ahmadabad.

The Material Palette is very restrained, neutral,  in shades of gray and is meant to be a backdrop to the colorful artwork and uniforms of the school children.

Boarding school design fact file.

  • Architects: Kapadia Associates
  • Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
  • Architect in Charge: Kapadia Associates
  • Design Team: Sanket Jayker, Gaurang Raiyani, Kalyani Shroff-Gupta, Manasi Shah, Kalgi Shah, Vivek Patel
  • Area: 465.0 sq.ft.
  • Site Area: 23 acres
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Photographs: Piyush Rana photography.
  • Manufacturers: Everest Fibre, Jaquar, Restile, Saint- Gobain
  • Client: BAPS Trust
  • Engineers: Anal Shah Structural Consultants, ARKK MEP Consultants.
  • Consultants: Graphics Beyond – for Screen Design.
  • Contractors: Aarti Constructions (Civil) , Hifeb (Windows.)

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