Modern Office Design For Xiaomi In Brazil By Arkiz

Hello Folks,…. Modern Office Design For Xiaomi In Brazil By são paulo-based firm arkiz have completed recently. A double-height modern office design space in brazil for chinese tech giant xiaomi.

The modern office design interior is a laid back, with a relaxed atmosphere that goes beyond the typical office space. working zones are placed in the space’s large common area, with smaller auxiliary rooms – including individual offices and a kitchen, located adjacently or on the second floor above.

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Xiaomi’s Modern Office Design In Brazil

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When Xiaomi wanted to open an office in São Paulo, they expressed an interest in establishing a laid back and enjoyable atmosphere. ARKIZ was able to incorporate a variety of spaces that met this request, by included modern office design spaces for people to relax or work in.

Flexibility was the Xiaomi’s Brazil office’s key element. the modern office design allows spaces to be used in many different ways, including leaving places empty for new employees as the company’s Brazilian workforce expands.

The double height ceiling makes the office feel light as well as makes it feel considerably larger. a cafe – kitchen area is located close to the entrance and is painted a bright orange, the color of xiaomi.

  • Photos of Xiaomi’s modern office Design

Photography by Studio Thiago Henrique

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So, Wingers this is one more feathers in the modern office design with contemporary trends. Now a days office interior is majorly influenced by open working environment and flexible working spaces in interior design.

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