Modern Prefab Home Design By Entrepreneur Christopher Burch

Hello Folks,…..Modern Prefab Home Design By Fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur, Christopher Burch, has unveiled a pair of elegant and modestly priced, Modern Prefab Home Design, that may be transported by flatbed truck and installed in a matter of days.

Produced under Burch’s Cocoon9 enterprise, the 480 square foot houses – Cocoon Studio and Cocoon Cabin, range in price from $225,000 to $275,000, and feature clean, horizontal profiles, and the open plan layouts, and floor to ceiling glass walls, familiar to admirers of Mid Century Modernism.

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Modern Prefab Home Design

modern prefab home design,

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Cocoon Studio is currently on view at Mecox, a Southhampton, New York, home furnishings store, where interested observers have a chance to take in, first hand, the fine finishes and luxurious details (360-degree TV, see-through fireplaces) that distinguish the Cocoon9 range.

Other than the quick turnaround time (16 weeks from order date to delivery date), the most intriguing aspect of a Cocoon modern Prefab home design, is its broad range of applications.

modern prefab home design,

“The goal was to create a thoughtfully modern Prefab home designed product, that is simple and elegant and can be used for many different functionalism,” states Burch, noting that, the houses are equally amenable to being used as pool house, beach cabin or primary residence.

Smaller versions of the two Cocoon models, dubbed Cocoon Lite 20 – are currently in the works, to be offered at the seemingly impossible price range of $75,000 to $95,000.

Ref : The New York Times; Mecox

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