Urban Riverfront Development Project: Trinity River Park

Urban Riverfront Development Project: The Trinity River Park design project is very huge New 10,000 Acre Urban Nature District for Dallas. Trinity riverfront urban development project is Design to restore and augment the city’s floodplain.

Urban Riverfront Development Project.

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This new urban waterfront revitalization of green recreation space features thousands of acres of forest as well as playgrounds, lawns and trails.

Upon completion of this urban riverfront, Trinity River Park will be one of the biggest urban green spaces in the country. (More than 10 times the size of Central Park in NYC).

Urban Riverfront Design.

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In a state not exactly known for its greenery (or environmentalism). This riverfront urban design project in Texas. Ar. Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates is designed in part to address a critical and ongoing issue: Flooding damage during severe weather events.

”I believe we can create the most value and the greatest benefit to our citizens. When we complete riverfront urban development projects around nature.” Said mayor Mike Rawlings  of the project.

Urban Planning Riverfront:

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The riverfront development is part of a larger series of projects along the flood plain. And it will link into over seventy miles of regional trails.

At an estimated cost of $50 million, the trinity park is not cheap but surprisingly inexpensive given its scope and aims.

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So far, a private donor has stepped forward offering $20 million of the funds needed, leaving a smaller bill for the city and state governments as well.

Urban Design Guidelines Riverfront Development:

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The urban riverfront park aims to serve both recreational and engineering purposes. Also, shoring up the city against future floods while creating a great green asset for citizens and visitors.

Developed in collaboration with government engineers. It will be part community resource but also (and critically.) Part infrastructural insurance against the effects of climate change.

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