100+ Different Types of Architecture Thesis Topics for Future Design

Types of Architecture Thesis Topics: Generally, we heard about design or architecture thesis topics for graduation and post-graduation programs. We also earlier list out most popular and commonly used latest trendy architectural thesis topics. But, in this article about thesis topics, we are majorly discussed and list out Types of architecture thesis subject. So, what is types in architecture design thesis? Let’s see ahead about it.

Types of Architecture Thesis Topics,
Types of Architecture Thesis Topics for Future Design.

Trendy Types of Architecture Thesis Topics

We are very well aware that architecture thesis is very mind storming semester or study program for students because of variety of typologies of structures around the globe. Also, selection of site that suits your subject of thesis or wise verse, is very tiring task for students. So, it is wise to select the ideas that match with your passion and interest of your architectural styles as well feasible to complete your thesis task and actual feasibility of project.

In line of this selection process of thesis topics, we are trying to help you with our collection of ultimate selection of architectural thesis topics.

Types of Architecture Thesis Subjects

First, we are going through most interesting and intrigue thesis topics types.

  • Disaster Relief Architecture
  • Waste management
  • Urban Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Healthcare Architecture
  • Adaptive Reuse or Redevelopment
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Urban Landscape
  • Nature Inspired Architecture
  • Green Urban Spaces
  • Civil Architecture
  • Transportation Spaces
  • Community Architecture
  • Public Architecture

These are the most intrigue types of design subject for your brain storming and starting point toward thesis project. Further, we are seeing each types of thesis topics in more detail for open windows of mind and gives a wing to your thoughts. Be with us and enjoy further reading.

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Let’s dive dip in this ocean of architecture for finding pearls of topics that will make your future thesis project, one of the best and out standing in front of jury.

Disaster Relief Architecture

First question come in mind, what is Disaster relief architecture?  We all know that natural disasters are always part of this glob but cannot predict exact of it scale. So, as a architect you can explore in the direction of disaster resilient structure is built for that area. Like, if area is flood prone, then we need to think of heighted floors, earthquake prone zone, you have to think of open spaces, stability, common gathering area etc.

Waste management

As urbanism increase, cities expand their boundaries, every day migration of people toward mega cities is part of modern society. With this progress, there are many challenges also come in way and one is waste management architecture design.

Reuse, recycle and reduce waste is one of the biggest challenge faces by many urban areas or developed cities. Reducing waste is our fundamental duty as human. Create a space for recycling is conscious task for architects, also.

Urban Architecture

Slum redevelopment is one of the challenges in urban developments and create something out of box for communities or natives is also part of urban architecture. Create a space for them with better sanitation and well-being and satisfies their needs.

Urban Design

With expansion of cities boundary, design for continues urban sprawling will make city life more convenient and efficient for all dwellers.

Healthcare Architecture

In this segment of architecture, you will study the best healthcare architecture projects from around the world. Mainly includes hospitals, clinics, cancer care centers, medical research buildings, etc.

Adaptive Reuse or Redevelopment

Slum area is one of the big challenges in growing urban areas, or native locality in fuse with contemporary design. Many mega and smart cities have facing challenges for adaptation of old architecture in new development. With intake of their local identity as well cultural influences.

You can select these types of slum or old city development project for your dissertation topics and contribute at design thesis or research thesis report prepare.

Urban Infrastructure

First of all, let’s understand the meaning of urban and infrastructure together. Infrastructure is the hidden structural support for the building. In this term, urban infrastructure is the underlaying structural framework of the city.

Without loosing main city fabric like regional architecture, culture, regional festivals, local production, sustainability of city area, etc. and come up with urban design that cater to these all with respect to modern or contemporary development.

Urban Landscape

As we know that urban landscape is a complex structure which is a result of the dialog between human and his environment. Urban landscape is more than an effort to beautify city streets, it’s essential to a city’s operation. Urban landscape design mixes the talents of architects, surveyors, landscape designers, horticulturalists, etc.

Nature Inspired Architecture

Nature is often used as an inspirational source for architecture. Whether from its shapes, the extraction and use of its materials, textures, patterns or even the incorporation of living beings.

Architects have gotten inspiration from animals to create better-living conditions for humans. Taking inspiration for the design from shapes found in nature is known as biomorphic architecture.

Green Urban Spaces

In City planning, urban green space is open-space areas reserved for parks and other green spaces. It will include urban land, partly or completely covered with grass, trees, shrubs, or other vegetation. Urban green space is thought to contribute to citizen happiness by promoting physical and mental health. Urban green spaces play an important role in the sustainable development of cities.

Civil Architecture

Civil Architecture, is the art of contriving and executing commodious buildings for the uses common public and public utilities. Public spaces like library, corporation building, civic centers, health facilities, etc. are fall under this category.

Transportation Spaces

With increase of different types of transport mode, many new opportunities arise in the field of transport hub planning and designs. Multi model transport hubs are new in contemporary architecture thesis ideas.

Community Architecture

Community architecture is large in scale, as it involves small as well as multi dimensional architectural projects, such as offices, housing, community dedicated buildings, with the involvement of children, government officials, community residing, etc.

Public Architecture

Public Architecture have a simple goal that cater public interest through architecture and solve problems of human interaction within the built environment.

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Above listed topics are types of architecture thesis subjects. First you need to select the type as per your caliber as well interest. Then, you will fine tune with particular thesis project site (actual or hypothetical) and prepare thesis project brief. Hope this piece of content will help you in taking a perfect architecture thesis design topic that give you scope of exploration. And, if you need to add some thing in this, please write to us.

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