Modern Rooftop Design Ideas & Pictures of Deck, Bar, Pool & More

Rooftop Ideas for Garden & Deck Design: Many times we are not pay enough attention in making of house rooftop space. Or just neglecting of utilization of rooftop area. But, Actually be on top rooftop pool & lounge is personal luxury for every one. And making of roof top is just as important as other part of the house.

ANA arquitectura have shared with us edited real estate photos of their latest rooftop design project. A rooftop terrace on the top of a building in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. This rooftop has been turned into a living space for a family to relax inn.

Modern Rooftop Ideas

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The client asked the designers to create a refuge up on the rooftop. In the heart of the city that he and his family could relax in rooftop lounge happy hour.

The layout of the Rooftop Ideas.

The rooftop terrace embraces the vision of a ‘hut in the sky’ with an indoor entertaining area that has plants that greet you as you enter.

The space is home to a gabled wood ceiling with hidden lighting. There’s also a small kitchen/bar area and a large couch makes for a comfortable spot to watch movies.

The exterior of the ‘hut’ has wood siding that continues on to the deck.

The deck features hidden lighting that creates a calming ambiance, built-in bench seating, and a spa that’s surrounded by plants.

The plants that are used on the deck also provide an element of privacy to the area.

Rooftop Lounge:

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Rooftop Garden Design:

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Roof top Observatory.

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Components of Rooftop Storage Racks Designs:

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Benefits of Rooftop Gardens with Party Spaces:

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Roof top images of pool & lounge:

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So, Friends, This is one fine modern rooftop ideas with different elements of design and décor. That are really give you a feel of luxury in small space, also. Share your thoughts on this rooftop ideas and also, put your thoughts with us in bellow comment. Stay tuned for more design ideas of roof or terrace time to time.

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