Sustainable Development of Transportation Hub with Go Green Roof

Sustainable Development of Transportation Hub. In Taiwan’s second largest city. The new kaohsiung station features an organic, curvilinear shape. With Green Roof and Sustainability of landscaped canopy. That Sustainable Development offers a generous amount of public space.

Dutch architecture studio mecanoo has prepare architectural design for an important transport hub. This area of sustainable development both unifies different modes of transport. And represents kaohsiung’s desire to be a sustainable city.

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Futuristic Sustainable Development of Transport Hub

sustainable development,

This sustainable development scheme forms the centerpiece. Of the vast kaohsiung metropolitan area underground railway project. which includes seven subterranean stations along a 9.75 kilometer (6 mile) railway tunnel.

exiting site in the taiwanese city of kaohsiung

The planned eco friendly transportation hub integrates train, metro, and bus services. And accommodates the needs of taxis and bicycles.

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