The Pole Star – A 230-metre tower for Gothenburg, Sweden by SOM

The Pole Star: A 230-metre tower for Gothenburg, Sweden by SOM is features a design that “takes inspiration from ribbons blowing in the wind”. With a proposed height of 230 metres, the Pole star Tower will tower over the 100-metre Gothia New Tower – the city’s tallest tower at present. SOM – teamed up with Copenhagen-based Entasis on the proposal, as part of a 14-hectare masterplan for the post-industrial business district north of Götaälven.

The Pole Star – A 230 Metre Height Tower Building

Beyond the height, the design plan draws inspiration from “ribbons blowing in the wind,” featuring a fluid, twisting design. The tower, which will be residential in function, will serve as the focal point amongst an assemblage of mid-rise buildings.

Beyond the single-storey flats and duplexes, the building will also accommodate a gym, residents’ lounge, garden, rooftop observation deck and a restaurant that’s open to the general public.

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Read more details about the winning design :

“Commissioned by major contractor SERNEKE and the City of Gothenburg, this inspirational new residential  scheme includes Sweden’s tallest building, marking a shift from traditional development patterns in the   country.

Drawing on their experience as designers of 6 of the world’s fifteen tallest buildings, SOM’s design is highly efficient, both in terms of floor space and energy use, while still including apartments with views focused on the city and waterfront.

The Pole Star tower design is complemented by a sustainable vision for the entire area, strengthening Gothenburg as a whole – in particular the post-industrial business district north of  Götaälven.

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Extending from this bold vision the master plan creates a highly animated 143,000m2 mixed use district. Offering a vibrant destination with a range of retail, food and beverage opportunities, this new neighborhood will act as a catalyst in making Landholding the premier north bank area.

A series of mid rise towers rising from a robustly expressed sequence of podium buildings creates a new cluster of taller structures providing context for Pole star.

The tower will offer a variety of apartment types, including single storey flats, loft-style apartments and duplexes.

Balconies to each apartment not only serve to provide flexible living space, but are also used to accentuate the fluid geometry of the building, a form  which takes its inspiration from ribbons blowing in the wind.

The Polestar creates opportunities for community within the building, incorporating a shared residents’ lounge, a public restaurant, a gym and a roof deck at podium level.

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The building is topped with an observation deck which, as the highest point in Gothenburg. That will provide the public with an opportunity to share views to the city and the wider region.

In parallel to the competition, to celebrate the city’s four hundredth anniversary. The design team has proposed a new landscaped ring linking key sites in Goteborg and the formation of a new park through the realignment of Lindholmsallén.

The jury’s selection concludes: Overall, the proposal is successful in its endeavor to create an attractive urban setting and a visually striking superstructure.

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The jury consisted of :

  • Björn Siesjö, architect SAR/MSA City Architect Stadsbyggnadskontoret Göteborg
  • Anders Svensson, architect SAR/MSA, the Älvstad Project Stadsbyggnadskontoret Göteborg
  • Olle Lindkvist, Älvstranden Utvecklings AB
  • Erica Bengtsson, Environmental Strategist, Älvstranden Utvecklings AB
  • Ola Serneke, VD Serneke AB
  • Alban Herlitz, Project Development Manager Serneke AB
  • Louise Masreliez, architect SAR/MSA appointed by Sveriges Arkitekter
  • Christer Malmström, architect SAR/MSA appointed by Sveriges Arkitekter.

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Project Competition Fact File:

Competition: Karlavagnsplatsen Tower Competition
Award: Winner
Project Name: The Pole Star
Architects: SOM, Entasis Arkitekter
Location: Karlavagnsgatan, Gothenburg, Sweden
Som Design Team: Kent Jackson, Peter Jackson, Martin Grinnell & Yasemin Kologlu
Entasis Design Team: Christian Cold, Jorrit Verduin, Maika Moerner Jensen
Photographs: Courtesy of Serneke, Entasis Arkitekter.


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Focusing on the design’s centerpiece, the jury added: The skyscraper is both simple and compelling in design. By simple means, the building exhibits variation both vertically and laterally. Through a play with the facades material in concrete and glass.

Balconies and patios are cleverly incorporated into the design as a whole. The result is both eye-catching and intricately fashioned.

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The scale and position of the edifice is well-established both in its location and in the viewing distance.

Its proposed crenelation with recommended lighting has the potential to become identity-forming. Both for the location and for Gothenburg. A well-developed idea for the top floor makes the tower an inviting destination.

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So, Friends this is what SOM and team derived for The Pole Star – a 230-metre tower for Gothenburg, Sweden. I hope, you Enjoy it, ….!!!

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