Tiny house design project on small plot of Munich, Germany

Format Elf Architects have The tiny house design project for a family on the outskirts of Munich, Germany. that tiny house design features an asymmetric pitched roof. This tiny house build on small size of land parcel, tiny house design with their fulfillment of residents of house. As well tiny house project offer great contextual presence, urban and sustainability of neighborhood.

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Tiny house design project ideas on small plot

Tiny House Design

The Tiny House Design Ideas:

On the small plot, the maximal possible curvature and the existing parameters have been used in an optimal way in tiny house design ideas. The tiny house building follows line of the houses in the street and thus continues the urban edge along the link road.

The front garden area next to the street is thereby supported, and the roof orientation of the surrounding buildings continued. The typical picture of a gabled roof house characteristic of the area is taken up, but tiny house design is enhanced by the perforated facade and interpreted contemporary house designs.

The roof pitches of this tiny house design, which were determined mathematically according to the yard and setback regulations, have been implemented innovative way, in the form of an asymmetrical roof in order to create maximum living in a tiny house on the small plot.

Tiny House Floor Plans:

The facade that faces of the public space, and with it the sound emissions from the road traffic, contains only a small number of indented or protruded windows and is therefore more closed.

On the far side of the road the building opens towards the garden with large windows. Thereby the small inner and outer areas visually merge to one combined large living space of tiny house design.

Tiny House Interior Design:

The predominant colors and materials used on the building are reflected in the tiny house interior design. The living room is separated from the circulation area by two black furniture boxes.

The white floor gives the room brightness and depth. The timber of the Brettstapel ceiling remains visible and is repeated in the furniture, stairs and doors. Maximum residential value on a minimal plot with this tiny house design.

Architect: Format Elf Architects
Photography: Cordula De Bloeme

Pictures Of Houses:


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