3-D Translation of Architecture creates Autobahn Chapel, Germany

3-D Translation of Architecture creates Autobahn Chapel in Germany by winning design proposal by schneider+schumacher from a competition in 2009. The chapel’s form is a three-dimensional translation of a typical church pictogram with two pointed steeples. from a closer view.

The building appears to grow out of the hillside, via its bridged walkway leading to a covered entrance. on the interior, a domed ceiling is created by a grid shell of curving wood profiles. daylight from spires’ skylights illuminate the space through the vaulted structure.

Let’s have a get some important facts and fundamental approach toward Architecture creates Autobahn Chapel.

3-D Translation of Architecture creates Autobahn Chapel in Germany

  • From the Desk of Architect :

Architect michael schumacher describes the conceptual basis as follows: ‘motorway service areas are places with an unmistakably direct message.

architecture creates,

Huge signs point to what goes on here: filling-up, eating, sleeping and maybe also, for a bit of distraction, a visit to a gaming mall. they are little cities, but without the subtle layers – no spaces for quiet contemplation or prayer, no beautiful spaces.

architecture creates,

The small motorway church offers an opportunity to fulfill these fundamental needs, and provides these in a place where they are arguably most lacking.

architecture creates,

For a building to make an impact in such surroundings, it needs to talk the same unmistakably direct language (at least on the exterior).

architecture creates,

Whether approached from afar from the Dortmund direction, or from the motorway service area, the church represents a built version of the motorway church signage.

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