Tattoos Ideas and Design Trends: To Get Spiritual with Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos ideas and meanings: Now a days tattoos ideas and design are available with different styles and shapes. With on your body parts, became a some kind of tattoo designs treads in younger generation. But how to get spiritual with Tattoos? Here we see Tattoos Ideas for that. Sacred geometry is a rising motif in the inking culture of the city metric tattoos are associate. Geo with symmetry and harmony. And That have become a top choice among tattoo lovers. Looking to make a spiritual statement through body art. Such tattoos aren’t only visually appealing, but are also consider to be healing forces.

Tattoos Ideas in Geometry Motifs

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In ancient times, it was believed that: Placing geometric tattoos at a particular position on the body has a therapeutic effect on the body and the spirit.“ Says tattoo artiste Sunny Bhanushali.

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“The tats are such that all the elements of the tattoos designs. That are place in perfect balance with each other.“ Says tattoo artiste Swapnil Gawde. Such d tattoos designs have perfectly symmetrical patterns. And make use of common geometrical shapes. Such as circles, squares and triangles to create stunning designs. Such as the Gordian knot and `flower of life’.

Here are some popular geometric Tattoos Ideas and Tattoos designs:


ouroboros tattoos ideasIn Greek mythology, ouroboros signifies a dragon or serpent devouring its own tail and in symbolism. The shape stands for self reflexivity of a person in the circle of life and death.

“The ouroboros can also be tattoo as a double. With two serpents joining each others opposite ends and the design is consider a symbol of volatility.“ Says Sunny. It is also compare with the opposite yet complimentary energies of yin and yang.


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Geometric tattoos ideas need a great deal of perfection and expertise. On the behalf of the tattoo artiste as these are framed using dots and lines. And even a slight deviation in any of the elements can distort the design. Says Swapnil.

“For those looking for perfection in symmetry of the tattoo. It is essential to be sure about the design as well as the artiste before having it inked.“ If you’re more relaxed about it, go geometric for the sheer fun of it.

The tattoo’s look also depends on the thickness and size of the lines and dots. Those looking for something bold can go for vibrant colors. While people looking for a unique effect could choose 3D tattoos designs.


owl tattoos design

Always revered as an animal with immense wisdom and intelligence. Many cultures associate this mystic creature of the night with secretiveness. The owl also finds a place in geometric tattoo art. Because it adds a deeper symbolic meaning to regular tattoos.


mandla tattoos

Mandalas are an important religious symbol in Hinduism, used to depict the universe. This symbol has transcended the boundaries of religion and culture. And made its way into contemporary tattoo art.

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So, Friends, this is all about current trends in the tattoo design ideas for men, women, or girls and boys. There are many type of tattoo designs are avail surrounding us. If you have some interesting tattoo ideas, share with us via comment bellow. Stay tune for more updates on tattoo trends!!!

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