Visualize your Favorite Music in Architecture for Building

Music in Architecture: How r you??? have you heard about converting your favorite music in architectural expression in materialistic structure. If yes, that’s Very good, you get some more ideas how to explore this field of creativity in further. But if no then this is a good start for you to how to inspired from the artist and give a wing of your thoughts for

Visualize Favorite Music in Architecture.

Italian illustrator Federico Babina has transformed popular songs of David Bowie, Blur, Amy Winehouse, Mozart, Elvis. And still others, into his latest illustration work entitled Archimusic.

“Music and architecture are intimately joined by a cosmic connection: they both are generated by an underlying code, an order revealed by mathematics and geometry”

Babina says; “music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence“.

 Visualize your Favorite Music in Architecture for Building

music in architecture,In a new series titled Archimusic, Italian illustrator Federico Babina turns music from the likes of The Beatles, Bjork, Joy Division.

And more into buildings-similar to his last project where he turned painters’ signature styling into architecture.

And if, as Goethe said, “Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music,”

01. Paco de Lucia, “Entre dos Aguas”

music in architecture,

Then these buildings are frozen, graphical representations that merge the lyrics and music of the songs with iconic imagery associated with the artists.

Reading horizontally gives some basic melodic lines, while reading vertically reveals both harmony and dissonance.

A building like an harmonic progression following the movement of chords.

02. Amy Winehouse, “Rehab”


A spatial progression that is equivalent to the harmonic progression through chords. Generate a rhythm of solids and voids to reproduce the sequences of notes and silences.

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