How Color Effect in Mood and What is the Psychology of Colors?

Did you know color effect our mood, performance in office or in bedroom also? Do you have an idea what colors make you happy?. Have a knowledge of color psychology? I think many of us have some like and dislikes about certain shades of colors.

We unconsciously like some colors or particular color effect makes us happy or sad. So, here we get some ideas about color effect on human mind. But my overall description based and helpful in selection of room color shades for your home decor.

How Room Color Effect on Mood and Behavior.

So, designers – as we know every shades of color have their particular effects on human mind. And under that color effect, human mind react. That is the reasons behind the selection of particular colors in marketing, also.

color effect,

Do you know what color makes people want to buy something?. Red is the perfect guess. So, let’s get some basic knowledge about color effect on mood, human mind, human behavior and what is the color psychology.

There are three basic colors.

What are the Primary Colors?.

There are three primary colors shades. They are the hues yellow, blue, and red. These three colors are the hues that in theory can be mixed to make all other colors. If you mix these three primary colors, it would produce black color.

What are the Secondary Colors?.

When we mix two primary colors that create a secondary color. There are three secondary colors, with secondary colors shades of green, violet or purple and orange.

So, how to make Orange color. Orange creates by mixing of red and yellow. Same way Violet or purple is prepared by mixing of blue and Red. And Green Color makes mixing of yellow and blue.

What are the Inter Mediate or Tertiary Colors?.

The third sets of hues are known as tertiary or intermediate colors. These intermediate hues are made by mixing adjacent primary and secondary hues.

The six tertiary or intermediate colors are yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, red-violet, red-orange, and yellow-orange.

There are some terminologies to understand the color effect. Let’s get some ideas about words like, Hue, Tint, Tone, Shade, etc.

What is a meaning of “HUE”.

A hue is the purest or brightest form of a color. Hues are colors that have not been mixed with white, gray or black. The twelve colors around on the outermost part of the wheel are hues.

What is the meaning of “TINT”.

The circle of colors next to the hues is representing the tint of each hue. A tint is the hue mixed with white. The hue may be mixed with just a touch of white or with so much white that the hue is very faint.

What is a Meaning of “TONE”.

The next circle of colors represents the tone of each hue. A tone is the hue mixed with true gray. The hue mixed with any amount of gray is considered a tone of the hue.

What is the Meaning of “SHADE”.

The inner most circle of colors represent the shade of each hue. A shade is the hue mixed with black. Just as with the tines, the hue may be mixed with just a touch of black or with so much black that you are.

This is some introductory task, before we go over the room color effect and psychology of colors. Let’s get the ideas about the color effect on mood.

Know more about Psychology of Room Decoration.

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