How internet and cyber safety tips can help you live a better life daily

How Internet and Cyber Safety Tips Can Help You Live a Better Life Daily is about internet and cyber safety which is most important factors in now a days because today internet is a part of our routine and in western world people are recommended internet neutrality law also. In this kind of environment and Internet and Cyber safety future, Here i would like to some most impotent Internet and Cyber Safety Tips.

The Internet is a fun place to be, but it is also riddled with hackers, online scammers, and malware artists. These notorious entities are out there, waiting for you to falter so that they can latch onto you like parasites to feed on your money and identity. Scary huh? But hey, we are here to ensure that you are safe. And with that thought in mind, here’s on Internet and Cyber Safety tips every Internet user must know.

Internet and Cyber Safety Tips

Internet and Cyber Safety,

Tips Be smart with passwords,.

Use uppercase,lowercase,special characters and numbers in your passwords ( example  : kAdv@963, VET>-a1e )

Tips to Lock your Device:

Use a pin, password,pattern or face lock

Android Smartphone Security, Internet and Cyber Safety,

Tips Apply Software (apps) update:

Use patched & up to date Browsers, software, and OS

Tips Always Log Off screen (PC):

Avoid Selecting Keep me Logged in or remember me

screen-log-off, Internet and Cyber Safety,

Tips Beware of freeware:

Download free software only from verified publishers like Microsoft,adobe,piriform,imac,VLC ,whatsapp

Tips Shop From Trusted sites:

Your Money and date are safe with well-know online stores  List of Shopping website

Tips Know your online friends:

Accept friends requests only from people you know (Facebook and Google plus)

Tips Use secure websites:

Shop and bank only on sites whose URL begins with “HTTPS”.

Tips Use 2-step Verification:

You’ll Receive a pass code every time you Lo-gin to your accounts.

Tips Use an Antivirus:

It’ll protect your PC agains hackers and malware.

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So, Friends this is all about Internet and Cyber Safety Tips, and how to tackle a situation when some security birch came in front of you in your online presence. Hope you people really enjoy Internet and Cyber Safety Tips guideline with my best collective try. If you have any suggestions in Internet and Cyber Safety Tips, you are most welcome to share your thought here soon.

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