Transparent Glass Bottom Bathroom Sink Design Ideas for Modern Bath Vanity

Bathroom vanity with sink: Actually in modern bathroom, sink selection is really important. Because bathroom sink faucets and bathroom sink cabinets are the elements in bathroom vanity. That create actual impact of bath space decoration. And this bathroom glass sink design with a transparent glass bottom give unique presence in bath-space decoration.

Bathroom Sink Design Idea with Glass Bottom.

The Intensity Basin, designed by means of Daniele Lago for the Italian design logo LAGO, is a glass sink. That after combined with timber (or other materials) creates a unique looking appearance.

bathroom sink,

Wood finish sink for bathroom.

Bathroom Sink Vanity:

The bathroom glass sink is crafted from an 8-cm thick shelf. That functions a transparent glass bottom. That plays with customers’ perception of Intensity, has an incline to make certain quick drainage. And creates a unique revel in for all who use it.

Bathroom Sink Unit Materials Types:

The glass bottom bathroom sink may be customized the usage of one of 4 finishes:  Wild-wood, Slim-tech, Resin and Laminate. And allows you create different seems and feels in every toilet. Ranging from heat and welcoming with the Wildwood, to playful and a laugh with the colorful laminate.

Wood Finish Bathroom Sink Design Ideas:

wood finish sink,

wood finish bathroom sink.

The Wild-wood finish creates a spa-like sense for your rest room. And provides an stylish contact of nature to the interior. Treated with a unique warmness procedure. The wooden used to make the basin is extremely immune to toilet put on and tear and quite long lasting.

Glazed Stoneware Finish Bathroom Sink Design Ideas:

stone finish bathroom sink,

glazed stone finish sink.

The Slim-tech end at the Intensity Basin is created by a 3.5 mm thick sheet of glazed stoneware. The state-of-the-art end makes the sink extremely durable and super easy to easy.

Resin Finish Bathroom Sink Design Ideas:

resin finish bath sink,

Resin finish sink.

The resin finish at the Intensity Basin creates a easy non-stop floor that makes it easy to clean and immune to chemical cleansing dealers often used inside the bathroom.

The laminate Finish Bathroom Sink Design Ideas:

laminate finish sink,

Laminate finish bath sink.

With the liberty to use either a unmarried color or more than one coloring, the laminate finish is stain resistant, smooth to easy, and adds a pop of shade that will help you create a greater playful look inside the toilet.

Know more about Bathroom Design Ideas:

So, Friends, this bathroom sink with see through glass bottom design ideas for your upcoming bath decor. Must try this if, it will suit your budget of home decor. Also, don’t forget to share your view point on this product of decor. Stay tuned for more updates on home decoration and interior design from us.

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