Lifestyle Habits that Put You at Risk for Diabetes

Diabetes has become one of the most common lifestyle diseases that take away the lives of more than 1.5 million people worldwide. Although a family history of diabetes increases your chances of developing it, your lifestyle habits also play a significant role.

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 Top 6 Lifestyle Habits that Increase the Risk of Diabetes

Lifestyle Habits,

If you are looking for ways to prevent diabetes, here is the common lifestyle habits that you must avoid at all cost:

Habit 1: Skipping breakfast

It is a proven fact that eating meals on time keeps you healthy. As per studies, skipping breakfast can be harmful to health and poses a significant risk of getting diabetes. Breakfast helps maintain lower body mass index and modulates blood sugar easily. Therefore, eating breakfast on time will control blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance, thereby reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Habit 2: Following high-calorie diet

Consuming food with excessive calories can lead to weight gains and make one vulnerable to type 2 diabetes. Therefore, one should consume calories proportional to the regular exertion and expenditure, based on the work one performs. Hence, the necessary calories are lesser in people with non-active jobs and must supervise food intake accordingly.

Habit 3: Lack of exercise

Studies have established the benefits of good cardiorespiratory health, but it has also shown the results of delaying the onset of diabetes. Besides, it helps control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Working out every day is extremely beneficial for health and losing weight.

Habit 4: Excessive smoking and drinking

Uncontrolled smoking and alcohol consumption is directly associated with heart diseases, high BP, high cholesterol and diabetes. Smoking significantly impacts the blood vessels, narrowing arteries, thereby making one vulnerable to heart attacks. Moreover, it also increases the risk of insulin resistance, thereby leading to diabetes. Furthermore, excessive alcohol consumption can cause fatty liver, which in turn can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Habit 5: Stressing too much

Stress can be categorized into two parts – physical and mental. Both can significantly hinder daily routine and normal circadian rhythm of the body, insulin resistance, causing obesity and eventually diabetes. In addition, lack of sleep is one of the proven risk factors for lifestyle-related disease. Hence, reducing stress levels is important with regular exercise, meditation and a fixed balanced diet.

Habit 6: Lack of nutrition

Deficiency of necessary macro and micronutrients can result in various deficiencies and impact overall health. For example, consuming leafy green vegetables, and a Mediterranean and vegan diet delays the onset of diabetes per various studies. Moreover, deficiency of Vitamin-D can increase diabetes risk. Therefore, a proper diet including essential fats, fiber, protein and carbohydrates can considerably control blood sugar and the level of insulin in the body.

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