The Use and Benefits of Collagen

There are lots of substances in our body that we are not even aware of, however, those mean a lot. Collagen can’t be referred to as an unfamiliar one but do we really know much about it? That is why, we have decided to tell you more about collagen – its use, its characteristics, and its origins in this article.

As collagen is essential for our bodies for maintaining nearly all the processes, knowing where it could be obtained is crucial. You will also find out where collagen can be extracted from – natural products and bio supplements, such as collagen shot and liquid marine collagen.

What is Collagen?

You might have already heard that collagen is the principal component that guarantees skin elasticity and bone strength. But do you actually know what collagen is? If not we are glad to share key points about collagen in simple words but let’s start with a brief scientific inclusion.

Collagen is the name of an insoluble structural protein that is naturally synthesized in the human body. In simple words, collagen is the basic building material for bone, cartilaginous, and connective tissues. All bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin are mainly made up of collagen.

When there is enough collagen, the body’s processes are running smoothly as they should. When there is a lack of collagen, the symptoms of muscle weakness, wrinkles, and pain in joints become tangible. Those could be the first signals that collagen levels need to be urgently increased in your body.

Why Do Collagen Levels Drop?

Even though collagen is naturally produced in the human body, its levels are not constant during the lifetime. There is a range of internal and external factors that invoke collagen levels to drop in the organism.
When a person gets older, all the processes gradually slow down in the body. This also applies to the production and synthesis of collagen in a natural way. Therefore, a collagen drink or collagen shot might be very helpful in such cases.

Bad Habits

Alcohol abuse and smoking are often referred to as bad habits, and not in vain. One of the pernicious effects of such bad habits is that they tend to decrease natural collagen levels. Abandoning alcohol intake and smoking could actually restore collagen levels to normal.


It might sound banal, but having regular sleeping hours and going in for sports are crucial for proper collagen production. If you do not sleep enough or have a lack of physical activity, collagen production might be below average.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Staying too long under direct sunlight, especially during summertime, is not favorable for natural collagen synthesis in the body as well. Ultraviolet radiation coming together with sun rays tends to negatively impact the quantity of collagen.

Where Is Collagen Found?

Whatever the reason for the lack of collagen, you need to do everything possible to restore its levels to normal. This will help you deal with other problems in the body, if any, that might have been caused by the lack of collagen.

Natural Products

Collagen is present in other mammals and animals that are present in the ration typical for humans. Thus collagen can be found in bones, skin, and joints of animal origin. Collagen is also present in the bones and skin of marine fish.

To stimulate the production of collagen by the organism, it is recommended to take dairy products, legumes, seafood, and beef regularly. Also, natural components rich in vitamin C would also accelerate collagen production.

Liquid Collagen

As a form of bio supplement, liquid collagen is a perfect solution for boosting collagen levels. It is very simple to use – just throw a bunch of liquid collagen packs in your bag and take a collagen shot when possible, even on the go.

The liquid collagen intake will make you notice tangible results even faster than you’d expect. This is because the concentration of collagen in liquid form is greater than that contained in natural products. You might also consider liquid marine collagen that is particularly based on seafood and fish extracts.

Collagen Drink

Another type of collagen product is a collagen drink – a simple solution for making your skin more elastic in days. Unlike liquid collagen shots, a collagen drink is usually larger in size and can be scheduled for several intakes.

Collagen Capsules

Another popular source of collagen is bio supplements in capsule form. There are bottles of 30, 50, or 100 capsules that should be taken every day or twice a day depending on the doctor’s prescription.

How to Use Collagen?

Collagen might need to be taken for cure as well as for preventive purposes. Thus, it is better to first consult with your general practitioner or nutritionist before starting collagen intake. They will define the amount of extra collagen needed on a daily basis and the source you should extract it from – food, liquid collagen, or capsules.

Benefits of Collagen

We have already discussed what happens when collagen levels are insufficient, and how to increase them. Now let’s look at the most interesting part – the benefits collagen delivers to your body.

Nurtures Skin

Collagen makes up one of the fundamental skin components ensuring its elasticity and water retention. Collagen intake in the form of liquid collagen or collagen shot thus supplies skin with needed nutrients and keeps it looking good.

Improves Hair and Nail Quality

As you know, hair and nails are skin derivatives that are made up of keratin that is, in turn, required for production. So taking liquid collagen or collagen-rich products helps you maintain healthier hair and nails.

Makes Muscles and Bones Stronger

Both bones and muscles contain large amounts of collagen in their structure – more collagen makes bones and muscles stronger. Collagen supplements greatly help to maintain the needed level of collagen to make sure your bones and muscles are in good condition.

Protects Cardiovascular System

Collagen appears to be a building material for blood vessels and arteries. A lack of this protein makes arteries less flexible and elastic, which might cause atherosclerosis. That is why keeping decent collagen levels is necessary to avoid such problems in the cardiovascular system.

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