Contemporary Kids Rugs for Bedroom Area Decoration

Kids Rugs choice is real choosy task for any house owner or decorator. Kids Bedroom furnishing and decoration with modern kids rugs. For cheerful and playful space design.

Here I collect some of the best and modern kids rugs for children room. For comfortable floor coverings. Because kids spend a lot of time playing on the floor, and concrete, wood, or tile can be kind of hard to sit on.

Indoor Outdoor Kids Rugs Ideas

Kids love colorful happy rooms, so here are rugs ideas for adding color and comfort! 

01. This solid teal blue stars and stripes kids rug adds a bold pop of color.

Stars and Stripes Teal kids Rugs

Stars and Stripes Teal Rug (part of the Esprit Collection) by Modern Rugs.

02. Softer pastel colored kids rugs are perfect for nurseries.

light pastel colored rugs for kids bedroom

Lorena Canals Rugs from Modern Nursery.

03. Lots of colored felt balls make up this round kids rug.


Original Larry Felt Ball Rug from Lime Tree Kids.

04. This kids rugs has a button shape design with colored threads.

colorful-customiz-rugs for kids rooms

This rug was a special custom order from Oliver Yaphe.

Kids Bedroom Interior Design Ideas.

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