The Top Digital Marketing Tools to Boost Your Online Advertising

As many small businesses look at ways to increase their growth, many businesses are jumping into the vast world of SEO and online advertising for the very first time.

With so many things to consider from PPC campaigns, SEO strategies and backlink building, many businesses often waste lots of time on tasks that can be automated. Why spend hours doing simple jobs that can be done much faster with the right digital marketing tools?

The Top Digital Marketing Tools to Boost Your Online Advertising

The Top Digital Marketing Tools to Boost Your Online Advertising –

To help you with your online marketing efforts, we’ve found the top digital marketing tools that every business should use. Not only will these tools save you time, but they’ll also give you much better results. To make things easier, we’ve split this guide up into the different sections of online marketing. No matter if you’re looking to improve your SEO, content or email marketing, we’ve got the tool for the job!

To get things started, let’s take a look at the top digital marketing tools for social media.

Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be great ways to attract customers to your website. One of the most time-consuming things about social media is planning out your content calendar and getting your posts scheduled. If you’re new to social media, then it can be daunting knowing you need to schedule 30 posts a month over 3 different platforms. However, with the right digital marketing tools, managing your social media accounts is a breeze.


The first of our highlighted social media tools is Hootsuite. Available completely free of charge, Hootsuite lets you schedule up to 30 posts and across 3 different sites. This means you can quickly do a week’s worth of messages across all of your most popular sites in no time at all. Simply enter your message and content, select which social media sites you want to submit it to, and set a time and date. Now you’ll never forget to post some new content every day, Hootsuite has got it completely under control.


Similar to Hootsuite is Buffer, an all in one social media management tool that will let you schedule plenty of posts across many different platforms. Available to try for free with their individual plan, you’ll have access to 1 social media platform and a limit of 10 scheduled posts. If you need to connect more of your social media accounts or schedule more posts, then you can always upgrade to the paid version for $10 a month. This unlocks up to 10 social media accounts and the ability to schedule 100 posts in advance. Even for large businesses, this is an excellent package.

Content Creation

Content is one of the most important aspects of your website. Not only does it help attract more visitors to your website, but it’s also the thing that helps convert visitors into customers. Having the highest quality content that stands out from everyone else is essential if you want to make the most from digital marketing. Here are the top digital marketing tools that will speed up your content creation and make them irresistible to readers.


Canva is an excellent online free tool that helps give your content a little bit more style. If you’re in need of a cover photo, original pictures or just something to make your website stand out, then you’ll love Canva. With its large selection of built-in sizes which are perfect for social media websites, Canva lets you create anything you want. Simply select a picture from its vast library or upload your own. You can always customise it with its massive list of stylish text and designer fonts. In a rush? Just select one of their templates and adjust it to suit your needs. With Canva, you don’t need to be a professional designer to make some great pictures.


When it comes to writing content, making sure you have the correct spelling and grammar can often be a worry. If you’re not naturally a writer, then it can be incredibly difficult, even with Microsoft Word! To help clean up your content and make it as high quality as possible, many content writers are now using Grammarly, the awesome all in one spelling and grammar checker. Unlike Word, Grammarly can check over 200 common grammar mistakes such as punctuation and typos. In addition to this, Grammarly also has plenty of advanced features such as catching contextual errors and improving your vocabulary. If you need help with your writing, then check out their free Google Chrome extension.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want your website to perform well in search engines such as Google and Bing, then you need a solid understanding of your website. Not only should you be able to answer things like what am I currently ranking for? However, you should also have a way to keep track of your backlinks and historical rankings. Luckily, these digital marketing tools help take the guesswork out of SEO and give you a great insight into how to improve your website.


One of the most popular SEO tools currently out there is SEMRush. Full of features for crawling and monitoring your website, SEMRush helps businesses improve their search rankings by providing them will all the information they need. From backlinks tracking to competitors analysis, you can do everything you need right in SEMRush.

Like all useful SEO tools, unfortunately, SEMRush isn’t free, although they do offer a free trial for 30 days. If you want to continue using the tool after then you’ll have to use their PRO package which starts from $100 a month. It might sound like a lot, but without the ability to research new keywords, check your backlinks and monitor your rankings, SEO suddenly becomes very difficult.


If you’re looking for an alternative to SEMRush then you should definitely consider Ahrefs. Often dubbed the swiss army knife of SEO, Ahrefs has plenty of useful features, making it easy to see why professional digital marketers love it. With its built-in rank trackers, keyword research, competitors analysis and paid ads researcher, Ahrefs has thousands of data you can use to your advantage. Not to mention they have the 2nd largest online web crawler behind Google!

Of course, such a quality tool does come at a price. With prices starting from $100 a month, it doesn’t exactly blow the bank and the benefits will far outweigh its cost

Email Marketing

No matter if you’re an online store, blog or news website, almost every business should have their own mailing list. Not only does it allow you to keep potential customers up to date with what’s going on and your latest products, but it’s also a great way to get extra conversions. If you haven’t already set up an email list then now’s the time to do so. Here are the best email marketing tools to help you make your email list a success.


The first email marketing tool on our list is the highly popular MailChimp. What makes MailChimp so popular is the fact that it takes care of everything for you. From the initial sign up form and email capture, all the way to sending emails to thousands (or millions) of subscribers. MailChimp also features a vast library of pre-built templates that have been tested by experts to make sure they convert. Simply select a template and modify the styles to fit it to your need.

With a free trial allowing up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month, their free version is more than enough to see if it’s the tool for you. If you do find success with email marketing and require more space for subscribers, then you can always upgrade your package to their $10 a month plan.


GetResponse is a fairly new email marketing tool that is used by the likes of IKEA, AVON and Citroen. Unlike conventional email marketing tools, GetResponse comes fully loaded with a landing page creator and autoresponder. Their premium packages also includes the ability to host webinars up to 500 people and have up to 10 separate user accounts.

GetResponse currently offers a 1-month free trial to test drive their software to see if it’s for you. If you do fall in love with their software (which you probably will) then prices start from £10 a month depending on how many subscribers you have.

Now you have a list of digital marketing tools; it’s time to decide which are the most beneficial for you. You most likely won’t need all of them, but since a lot of them offer free trials, there’s no harm in giving them a try.

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