Reasons to Move to Washington, DC

Considering an interstate move? That’s great! But here comes the thought part: “what city to choose?” With so many states in the US offering various amazing climates, employment, nightlife, and sporting benefits, your decision would most likely be challenging, especially when you’re considering moving from Boston to Washington DC. But have you ever considered a move to Washington D.C.? This city might just be the fresh start you need. In this article, we list some of the top 10 reasons to move to Washington DC.  

Washington, DC,
Washington, DC –

1.    Climate and Nature

Year-round, Washington’s climate offers the best of the four seasons, from the humid summer and rainy days to the cold winter days and breathtaking autumn views. However, unlike most southern states like Nashville with relatively hot summers, you never have to experience the intensity of the skin-blistering sun. It also never gets too cold. So, you never have to worry about the intense cold during the winter months.

When it comes to the natural elements, D.C has lush vegetation that offers you a unique artistic feel. From the parks and gardens that seem to compete with the atmosphere, to the large mass of forest that stretches through the shores of the city, nature has never looked more magnificent. Likewise, breathtaking rivers like the Potomac River, which spans the city from the West to the East, remain one of the most significant geographical areas in the country.

2.    Growing Labor Market

D.C boasts of a higher employment rate than most states. Although the labor market still struggles to bounce back from the covid-19 pandemic and months of recession, you will be amazed at how even the national average sits higher than other metro areas. Today, an average household income ranges about $64,000, which is almost 21% greater than the national median. In essence, the labor market offers a generous development capacity for everybody. Moreover, the cost of federal tax is low.

What’s more, the federal government employs over 140,000 local residents yearly. However, that’s not the best part. If you’re a tech enthusiast, then this city may just be for you. Notable for its high-paying tech jobs, especially in the field of cyber security, you never have to worry about being short of cash. Tech giants such as Microsoft and Oracle hold major operations in this city.

3.    Sport

Another reason to move to Washington DC is the sports. With different professional sports teams like DC’s United, Washington Nationals, NFL team, Washington’s Mystic and Wizards, and the Washington Capitals, D.C. offers you multiple sporting options, from professional football, soccer, baseball, and even basketball.

4.    Education

Washington has some of the most prestigious public institutions in America. If you’re considering a top-grade public school and college in D.C., some schools you want to look out for are Georgetown University, Maryland and Virginia federal schools, American University, University of Maryland, and George Washington University. With these high-ranking public schools, education might just be a fun activity for your child, as they learn not just theoretically, but with advanced world-recognized models.

5.    Affordable Prices

The cost of housing is steep, whether you intend to renting or buying. Here’s why. For years, D.C’s growing economy and constant rise in the populace created a rise in housing demand. However, supply for houses noticed a dramatic decline with the advent of the corona epidemic, high cost for land purchase, and other factors. In 2019 July, houses were sold at about $592,000, a sum that was practically difficult to come by for new buyers and long-stay residents.

Recent studies have however revealed that the growth rate in D.C. is at a standstill, making it feasible for older residents and new buyers to purchase houses at a cheaper, cost-effective price. So, if you were wondering how you would pay up a huge amount for a house purchase or rent like in July 2019, you should to know that the challenges of rising house costs are rather lesser than you imagined today.

6.    Transport

Living in central D.C will mean a personal transport-free day. In essence, you wouldn’t have any need for your car. Why? Public transportation seems to be the new trend in the city. Most D.C residents favor the public transport system for daily commute, as it is far cheaper and faster. What’s more, D.C holds the title of the fourth-best metropolis with an advanced public transportation system.

7.    Culture

Demographically, Washington’s cultural practices are quite diverse due to the high inflow of immigrants and foreigners. Statistics revealed current D.C. residents to be 48% whites, 25% Africans, 14% Latinos, and the other 9%, Asians. With these different kinds of personalities from all over the globe, it’s no wonder D.C.’s culture is quite diverse. What then does this mean? Moving to this district will allow you to meet people of different races, socio-ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

8.    Kitchen

The food industry leaves you wanting more of the delectable International specialty cuisines that would make your taste buds water. Craving the specialty pizza, tapa’s Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and even Indian culinary? Or simply need a fun outdoor experience in Hipster bars, celebrity chef-run restaurants, upscale cafes? Name them all! D.C has all and lots more to bring to the table.

9.    Many Attractions

Spend weeks discovering the many attractions D.C. has to offer, from the museum to the historic centers, amazing shopping centers, and inviting dinners. For art and history lovers, a place like the National Museum of American History located in Chantilly offers you a close-up view of the Stealth Bomber, a must-see for new residents. But, one of plenty of attractions you want to visit is the National Geographic Headquarters and Museum located in downtown D.C. Here, you get the chance to spend a thrilling evening with the famous Nat Geo explorers, and even watch exhibits and films of historical events.

10. Lots of Outdoor Activities

You’re never short of fun outdoor activities in D.C. The eye-catching outdoor spaces for relaxation offer you an unobstructed view of the city’s finest surroundings. Enjoy biking? Then get a bike to take you down the ancient Chesapeake and Ohio Canal that trails about 219 miles from Georgetown to Cumberland. Otherwise, explore Washington’s hidden jewel, the 446-acre National Arboretum, which is about 2.2 miles from the capital. This environment has the most significant collection of seasonal blooms, especially the rarely found bonsai trees in North America.

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