Natural Science Museum Complex in Constanta, Romania by SYAA

Hello Folks,….. Natural Science Museum Complex in Constanta, RomaniaSYAA has just been named first prize winners for their design of a new Natural Science Museum Complex in Constanta, Romania.

Some of the primary functions will include an aquarium, dolphinarium, exotarium and tropical greenhouses, planetarium, and observatory.

Proposed at an unprecedented scale for the region, the design seeks to become a significant destination in the Black Sea tourist industry.

Incorporating features of an amusement and leisure park into the program of a science museum, SYAA proposes a building equipped to adapt to a diverse variety of public activities and events.

Natural-Science-Museum-Complex-in-Constanta,-Romania-by-SYAA-(14) Natural-Science-Museum-Complex-in-Constanta,-Romania-by-SYAA-(15)

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Natural Science Museum Complex in Constanta, Romania by SYA


natural science museum complex, natural science museum complex, Natural-Science-Museum-Complex-in-Constanta,-Romania-by-SYAA-(18) natural science museum complex,

Award: First Prize
Project Name: Natural Science Museum Complex
Architects: SYAA
Location: Complexul Muzeal de Științe ale Naturii, Bulevardul Mamaia 255, Constanța 900552, Romania
Design Team: Eliza Yokina, Adrian Soare, Elena Dragu, Sebastian Lupea, Irina Plopeanu
Client: The Territorial Council of Constanta
Area: 79520.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of SYAA

natural science museum complex, natural science museum complex, natural science museum complex, natural science museum complex, Natural-Science-Museum-Complex-in-Constanta,-Romania-by-SYAA-(4) natural science museum complex, Natural-Science-Museum-Complex-in-Constanta,-Romania-by-SYAA-(7) natural science museum complex, Natural-Science-Museum-Complex-in-Constanta,-Romania-by-SYAA-(9) natural science museum complex, Natural-Science-Museum-Complex-in-Constanta,-Romania-by-SYAA-(12) natural science museum complex,

The open, airy, light-filled spaces of the architecture provide a backdrop to the attitude of curiosity, education, openness, and fascination with the natural world that the museum seeks to promote.

This desire to integrate architecture with program is reflected in the visitor’s procession throughout the complex, which is made up of the museum building, micro-reserve and botanical garden, greenhouses, observatory, and animal shelters, along with a proposed recreation area.

The museum terrace is designed as an open urban square, connecting the city to the museum complex and the urban park and esplanade of the nearby lake.

The planetarium, conference hall, and 3D cinema complex operates independently from the main museum, with a separate entry, lobby, and cloakroom sequence.

The main annexes are located beneath a reflective, stainless steel sphere inside the museum building.  And I suggest you also visit ‘The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai, India’

The botanical greenhouses, laboratory activities for visitors, exhibitions, panoramic coffee bar, and plant sale exhibitions are also housed within the museum. The astronomical observatory can be found on the lake shore, surrounded by the gardens.

Organized into various sections, the botanical gardens link the area between the two lakes and weave throughout the museum route.

The micro reserve reflects the landscape, ecosystems, geography, flora and fauna, and wildlife of the Delta. It works to protect and raise awareness for the biodiversity of the region.

The aquarium is spread throughout three levels, featuring nine pools organized thematically by geography. The Oceanarium and Dolphinarium are particularly important for attracting tourists and visitors, as is a 30-meter-deep pool for orca shows.

natural science museum complex, natural science museum complex, natural science museum complex, Natural-Science-Museum-Complex-in-Constanta,-Romania-by-SYAA-(19) Natural-Science-Museum-Complex-in-Constanta,-Romania-by-SYAA-(20) Natural-Science-Museum-Complex-in-Constanta,-Romania-by-SYAA-(21)

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This is all about Natural Science Museum Complex in Constanta, Romania by SYAA Architects and hope you people enjoy the way of collective design thoughts behind the entire natural science museum complex development with respect to their surrounding and context.

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