Marketing of Holiday Club Membership Form for Sale Scam Review

Club membership review in my perspective. In last few days before, I am come in touch with one famous club relationship for Holidays providers.  But in my word this is some sort of holiday club membership marketing scam. Let’s see in detail. How this entire incident happened with me.  And that is a source of inspiration to write about club membership marketing scam experience.

What is holiday club membership for sale scam?

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club membership for sale.

Last holiday of Janmashtami, I am visiting one of the city mall with my family.  We are just passing the security check at main entrance of mall.  At first look, A person look like a sales boy. Come to us and fill the form.

When I was a busy about that form fill up.  He said, if you are selecting in a lucky draw coupon, your entire family get holiday club membership.  With assure free gift.  My wife is ready to fill the form to try our luck. 😉

You know the female mentality against gift like stuff.  I have some doubts about that but finally ready because I don’t want to spoil My Holidays. Ha, Ha, ha ha. J

We are spending almost three to four hours in mall; hang around to satisfy our Vander lust of shopping. Suddenly just before we think about to leaving, wife’s cell phone rang.

One person happy announced that you are a lucky draw winner of the holiday membership offer. We are request you to kindly visit so and so number’s Shop and so and so number of floor of the mall to collect your free gifts.

After hearing this news, I think finally women’s Instinct going to become right. Read about Love Your Own Beautiful and Good Wife’ to Save a Home!!!

Holiday Club Membership Review.

Finally after some inquiries about our destination, we are arriving in front of our gift providers. I am just observing around. I see the board of best holiday package by Just nearby them there is one more Club Mahindra Holiday gallery also.

Finally we are approach 25chutty’s reception counter and inquired about lucky draw and their phone call.

Beautiful receptionist welcomes us with a tired smile on her face, because we are just one more visitor for her. She is handover one form and instructs us to feel the appropriate details.

I am busy with writing those details.  When one of the so calls, marketing managers comes to us.

He is look like some sort of very busy man of many disturbed thoughts by their appearance. He is asking us like that, if you are willing to give your 45 minutes to explain our holiday club membership program.

If you like to read it and we are go ahead, at this point my curiosity more increase in the subject about that holiday membership schemes.

After that conversation with marketing head of 25chutti. We are wait for 15 minute around in that congested waiting area, then suddenly one office boy come to us and direct me and my wife to one discussion table.

How This Club Membership Form Marketing Start?

We are sitting at small coffee table like discussion table; loudly music on in that room, so you may not heard every word of your conversation with those people.

After few moment wait, a 12th pass out boy who is working as a salesman come to our table with one paper, he is come and sit in relaxing jester and ask our details and chit chat with us.

In-between, my wife ask him to do their intro fast, suddenly marketing head appear and rudely said, if we are not complete our 45 minute.  We are not eligible in lucky draw of club membership and lose the free gifts.

This is the start of that club membership marketing scam.

Then after sales boy starting with their company 25chutty’s introduction and area of functioning. I am very surprised when I come to know about that boy. He is just 12th passed out and explains International holiday membership plants, he also not going anytime on vacation in the life.

Final Stage Of Club Marketing Scam.

Our information and financial proposals going almost half an hour, after that in last of our session comma marketing head come to our table.

He is sit in front of us, then tells if you are happy with our club membership, you have to pay full amount here right now. This is only today’s offer and you are our selected visitors. You only get our club membership offer today only. If you are not want to join club membership then collect your gift and go. What type of gifts we see letter.

But at this point No one tell us any single figure of amount for that membership proposal. What they are offer for 25cutti club membership.

Concluding Seen Of Club Membership Marketing.

Then the final moment come in front of us, Club Marketing Head Right down 85000 rupees amount for 25cutti club membership offer rate. This amount for 5 years validity with something around 5000 approximately pay for every year, against this investment you get 5 days 4 Nights stay in 25chutti’s chains of hotels.

We are just denied this proposal and headed to collect our free gift; actual funny part of entire drama is started. He handed over some gift coupons that are drought such a way that nobody will use it in anyway.

I will show that terms and conditions of free 25chutti offer coupons off in details.

After go through the above samples of club membership marketing free gifts coupons. When I am go through each of terms and conditions. I am not able to use those offers or schemes benefits. In simple word, this is one type of marketing scam by holiday clubs.

And the heights of this holiday membership offer is that, when we leave the place. One of the fee gift are not available. And that marketing manager of 25chutty said us, you will receive that gift by post. And my wife still waiting for that gift.



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Conclusion of Club Membership Marketing Offers and Coupons.

In my point of view, if you are really interested in this type of memberships. Then you don’t wait for those cheap peoples. But if you are interesting in free gifts, then this is a just waste of time and resources. Because this type of club membership offer’s luck draws and marketing sessions are nothing but a marketing tricks to tweak people. And their mind to get the money form common public’s pocket. Hope you get the point, what I like to deliver to you. If you like it, and want to aware someone in your circle, just share this with them.

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