Science of room decoration ideas for better mood boosting interior

Many times we are heard about Room Decoration Ideas, with so many tips about Room Color Combination, Function and Planning of Interior Accessories, Room Interior Lightnings, Wall Finishes and Patterns, Wall Texture, Flooring Materials, Ceiling Designs, Etc. But today I would like to introduce some scientific facts, which will help us to create unique Room Decoration Ideas. These Science of room decoration ideas will defiantly help you, in terms of uplift or boost you moods, healthy living and also live long.

Mood Boosting Science of Room Decoration Ideas

The Interior Design Style of your home affects your mood and health more than you think. Because we all know that the feeling, when something we don’t feel proper. That means we are in tune with our surrounding environments and space.

Creating a positive space surrounding us can make us feel positive, energized, uplifted, happier and more relaxed. So, How to get the right and scientifically room decoration ideas.

Applying Neuro Architecture at Home Decoration

So, here a question arise that “What is Neuro Architecture?” Let’s define this term as – The study of how the body and brain of human respond to built surrounding environments.

The five types of areas studied in brain systems that can be applied to physiological feature in architecture are as follow:

  1. How do we see, hear, smell etc. called Sensation and Perception.
  2. How do we store and recall sensory experiences called Learning and Memory.
  3. How do we evaluate the potential outcomes of our actions called Decision Making?
  4. How do we interact and navigate through our space or surroundings called Movement.
  5. What makes us happy or sad called Emotion.

These are the main factors, which are while most studies focus on applying physiology or neuro architecture to hospitals, schools, and the modern workspace, the same principals can also incorporating in science of room decoration ideas, to make our home with more positive, bright feeling.

After all we all know – Home is where the heart is.

Use These Room Decoration Ideas to Create Positive and Productive.

Room Decoration Ideas Of Lights With Sensation And Perception

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The circadian rhythm refers to our internal biological clock. It’s what helps the body adapt to the cycle of day and night. While the body can maintain a regular circadian rhythm without environmental cues, mood can be affected when nocturnal functions are interrupted or disturbed with bright light use in home decor.

DIM YOU BEDROOM – Promote better sleeping environment by selecting the right lighting systems for your bedroom decorating.

Also take care about choosing room decoration ideas,

  • Removing Harsh Light Sources
  • Use Dimmers and Lamps
  • Move TVs and Computers outside of bedroom.

Room Decoration Ideas of Shapes with Learning and Memory:

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A Harvard Medical School study found that in house interior design, sharp objects conveyed a sense of danger, which made people feel negatively towards that object.

One the other side, Curves encourages contentment. A University of California study found that rounded or organic shape decor encouraged more brain activity, as compared to a room with boxy furniture.

INCORPORATE SOFT GEOMETRY – You don’t need to go all out 80s, just focus on key furniture pieces. Like Angular sofa and round cushions or Angular dining table and vases and bowls.

Room Decoration Ideas of Objects with Decision Making:

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In selecting of room decoration ideas, Decision making is a complex process, which involves all our brain. Decision fatigue occurs, when the brain gets tired of making to many decisions. You feel tired and your brain defaults to the easiest option. Like ordering ready meal instead of cooking a meal.

ELIMINATE CLUTTER – And make it easy for your mind to process every micro decision. Like that Place a bin near the door and throw out any junk mail immediately, or implement a weekly cleaning schedule so you don’t have to decide, when things are too messy.

Room Decoration Ideas of Look and Feel for Emotion Support:

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Biophilia is the idea that humans have an instinctive bond with other living things – including Plants. Researchers have found that plants or even posters of landscapes can reduce stress and improve concentration levels.

INCORPORATE POT PLANTS AND LANDSCAPING ELEMENTS – In room decorating ideas to choosing the right plant will depend on your light conditions, the space available for landscaping. Much time you have to care for them also.

If you are a bit of not knowledgeable in plants, here are some easy to grow options include of Peace lily, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Aloe vera, Money Plant, Tulsi, etc. According to NASA, these are some of the most effective air purifying house Plants.

Room Decoration Ideas of Space Arrangement for Easy Movement:

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Dopamine is the chemical that motivate us to explore our space. Its pathways are activated when the brain is exposed to novel stimuli rather than the same things day in, day out. Hence, a change in the environment can lift moods, and create a sense of satisfaction.

REARRANGE YOUR FURNITURE – ideas of room decorating with every few years, move out and move in, To your home. Give it a deep clean, repaint wall and rearrange furniture with a fresh Outlook.

For room decorating ideas for furniture rearranging,

  • Consider foot traffic and how people will navigate around chairs.
  • Provide a reachable drink rest from sofa.
  • Reconsider your focal point – is your TV the most important feature in room decoration?

With all above consideration, I also like to say that,

Room Decoration Ideas are a Mixture of Art and Science!

The more personal touches you add in room decoration ideas, the more your house will feel like home. Clear your interior space and you will find that your mind is easily able to clear itself.

Try some of these room decoration ideas and principles to your home and you will definitely notice the difference immediately.

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