India’s Dream Romantic Best Honeymoon Destinations with Luxury

Hello Folks,….. India’s Dream Romantic Best Honeymoon Destinations with Luxury is about when you are looking for a Honeymoon tour to relax and indulge, special days with love, a trip to your favorite Best Honeymoon Destinations for chill out spot or a new adventure, you have to go to the right place.

It is the hardest jobs for any new married couples to decide where they should go for enjoy their honey time. In India, where lot of most popular honeymoon spots which compete with each others to attracts visitors for its uniqueness and popularity, can confuse anyone to choose a best place for romance.

So, here is some interesting India’s Dream Romantic Best Honeymoon Destinations with Luxury for you.



India’s Dream Romantic Best Honeymoon Destinations with Luxury

From picturesque beaches to tranquil mountain hideaways—India has an abundance of post-wedding getaways. Here are some of the most popular honeymoon destinations that you and your significant other can reminisce about in the years to come.

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Exotic and sun-kissed beaches, verdant landscapes and turquoise-hued waters—what more could you ask of a tropical honeymoon? The real attraction of the Lakshadweep islands, however, rests underwater: the pristine lagoons, unspoiled coral reefs and warm waters are a magnet for honeymooners.

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Goa has always been a natural choice amongst honeymooners—home to miles and miles of scenic beaches, swaying coconut palms, old colonial Portuguese buildings, delicious cuisine and an easy-going, laid back atmosphere. In Goa, there’s a sense of revelry, merriment and abandon in the air that is totally contagious.

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The Andamans

Jet-setting couples favour Andaman and Nicobar Islands for the near-deserted beaches, incredible corals and marine life, and an intriguing colonial past. Newlyweds can enjoy everything from scuba diving and snorkelling to spending time soaking in spectacular views of deep forests and magnificent hills. Plus, the resorts here know only one standard of luxury—extravagant.

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Coorg (Kodagu)

Spread out across the Western Ghats, the misty valley of Coorg makes for the perfect honeymoon destination. Fondly referred to as the ‘Scotland of India’ due to its verdant beauty and pleasant climes, Coorg has a special place among all hill stations in India. Elite resorts nestled into the landscape offer couples an unparalleled window into the Coorg’s lush flora and fauna

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Fantastical palaces, temples, havelis and countless narrow, crooked streets add to the charm of this Rajasthan destination. Even if you are just wandering around the city taking in the majestic sights or cruising the calm lakes on multiple boat rides—the city is bound to sweep you off your feet.

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An erstwhile summer retreat of the British, Nainital is a small town settled amidst Uttrakhand’s Kumaon range. The cool waters of the the Naini Lake, the busy town bazaar and a web of walking tracks around the forested hillsides make for the perfect honeymoon backdrop.

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The rich vegetation, biological diversity and gentle pace of village life in the backwaters beckon all kinds of honeymooners to Kerala. Spend an evening lounging on a serene beach or a day exploring the splendid backwaters, and you have your perfect getaway.


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