CIO Crown 2016 Event By Sify Technologies in Mumbai Overview.

Hello Folks,…Recently CIO Crown 2016 event was organized by CORE media and Sify Technologies at Courtyard Marriott in Mumbai. Here is snapshot of the ideas shared and some interesting engagement we saw at the CIO Crown event 2016.

CIO Crown 2016 was in Mumbai from 26th – 27th August 2016.

cio crown,

The event provided a unique unconference platform for CIOs and ICT business leaders to come together, interact and connect with each other. There were multiple ICT tracks, interactive panel discussions and some fun engagement which had the CIOs eagerly participating.


CIO Crown 2016 Event By Sify Technologies in Mumbai Overview (12)

They are together for interact & engage in various businesses. Also, ICT drove activities including engaging with peers, participating in interactive sessions and ICT tracks.

Who is Sify Technologies?

CIO Crown 2016 Event By Sify Technologies in Mumbai Overview (30)

Sify Technologies Limited is an Indian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company providing end-to-end solutions including Telecom Services, Data Center Services, Cloud & Managed Services, Transformation Integration Services and Application Integration Services.

Sify Technologies had an interesting experience zone at the event.

How to Cast Leader’s Hands Video.

Another engaging concept was the supercool Leaders Hands Casting Pavilion where everybody had an amazing time.

handWell, this was awesome among the fun activities, as people could make a mold of their own hands. Here’s a look:

Sify Technologies Limited played an important role during the early spread of Internet and e-commerce in India.

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