Absorb the Exam Experience of Previous Examinees to Successfully Pass CCNA Certification

Absorb the Exam Experience of Previous Examinees to Successfully Pass CCNA Certification, SPOTO has collected and sorted out some exam experience of previous examinees, hoping to help candidates who are preparing for CCNA certification exam.

Absorb the Exam Experience of Previous Examinees to Successfully Pass CCNA Certification

From examinee A:

The exam questions are not difficult, you mainly need to understand the knowledge points. After understanding all the knowledge points, you will feel very relaxed when taking the exam.

Choosing right materials is very important if you want to pass CCNA certification. If you choose to take part in CCNA certification training, it may not be a problem. But if you choose self-study, it is a crucial step. You need to get the official materials of Cisco Press through doing a lot of searching and collecting because the Cisco certification exam covers a wide range of subjects.

In the process of learning, you should pay attention to learning methods. More importantly, you need perseverance. If you have relevant work experience, it may be easier to learn for CCNA certification. Otherwise, you need to make more efforts.

The exam is a test of what you have learned. You need to adjust your mind state, maintain self-confidence in the exam, and never give up until the last moment. In the exam, you may encounter something you are not familiar with or even have not touched at all. Don’t be nervous, because your aim is not to get a full score. The important thing is to answer every mastered question well. If you cannot do the mastered questions well because you are careless and fail to answer the questions you haven’t mastered, you may not be able to get a CCNA certificate finally.

As for the simulated exam questions, after you fully master the basic knowledge of the certification exam, the simulated questions can help you review each knowledge point in a random way.

From examinee B:

Teaching materials of Cisco certification courses are the best and most authoritative. You should choose the official exam materials of Cisco. Books must be read carefully, and there must be no fluke. You should understand concepts clearly because ‘all changes are inseparable from their essence’! No matter how strange the problem is, it will not deviate from the original concept. Read the original version of Cisco materials. If you have good network foundation, you don’t need to read the Chinese version.

Each of the options given by Cisco makes people feel vague and uncertain. If you don’t understand each concept clearly, for example, some details, you may feel that every option is reasonable, and it is not easy to make the right choice. Therefore, when preparing for CCNA certification exam, you must pay full attention to the key concepts and the details mentioned in the textbook. When choosing the right option, you should have confidence in your memory and don’t change your first choice at will. Another key point is IOS operation. The commands in the exam will be listed for you to choose. It is easier to remember some habitual syntax and general parameter order of IOS commands. The last point is that you can’t go back in the exam, that is, you can’t go back after answering a question. So you must read and understand each question carefully. The characteristic of the concept question is that the key to the question is not the situation it describes, but the essential concept of the question. It won’t directly tell you that you need to rely on the concept to get the right answer. But if you want to get the correct answer, you should find out the key concept which the question is based on in your first reaction. There is plenty of time for the whole exam. You need to finish 65 questions in 105 minutes. Candidates usually complete the whole paper in 40 to 50 minutes. All in all, be careful.

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