Writing Well: 4 books for those who want to write better essays

According to the masters of writing, the secret to creating good essays is, first and foremost, reading good literature. Nothing better than other books can teach you how to create your own texts that will inspire others. Still, every successful author has their own ways of honing their skills and becoming stronger. Fortunately, they willingly share them.

Writing Well: 4 books for those who want to write better essays

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1. Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury

The American writer is known to the world for his works of fiction. Years later, the dystopia “451 degrees Fahrenheit”, the novel “Dandelion Wine”, and “Zen in the Art of Writing” – a collection of sketches about the art of writing that Bradbury wrote for thirty years – have not lost but are gaining in relevance.

In them, with his usual ease, he speaks of his work not as art, but rather as a way of reminding himself what a blessing it is to be alive, a source of gaining strength in the face of the challenges of the world around him.

And also that the most important thing in a writer’s work is regularity. It is from Bradbury that we know that a thousand words a day are the necessary minimum for anyone who wants to stay on track. But his recommendations don’t end there. During his long career, the author, who became a classic during his lifetime, discovered many techniques of creativity.

2. Bird by Bird by Ann Lamott

Many writers’ paths begin in childhood. So it was in the life of Ann Lamott, a popular U.S. bestselling author and writer’s workshop facilitator. In her book, she leads the narrative around her life. Her story can fascinate not only future authors but also those readers who have little interest in the peculiarities of the writing profession.

The book is a sincere confession that even experienced authors sometimes find it difficult to overcome fears and creative crises, doubts about their abilities, and lack of inspiration. But to beginners, Ann promises: her experience will help “get any unwritten book out.” The techniques presented in her book will be useful not only to those who create fiction texts, but also to journalists, bloggers, and copywriters. Anyone whose job it is to captivate readers.

3. The Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is another opportunity to train your essay writing skill and get better marks for it. Elizabeth Gilbert spends a lot of time interacting with readers on Facebook. And once it helped her to create an entire book. The idea that creativity is not only hard work but also a “magical” process, has gone from an Internet page to the pages of a publication that has taken its place on the shelves of creative people around the world.

In her book, the author urges us not to be afraid of our creative impulses. Gilbert urges us to love the creative force that leads us to create something new, and it will “reciprocate” us. In the time it will prompt a good idea, will help to implement it in the best possible way. It is only necessary to show her your willingness to work, and every day to sit down at your desk.

“Big Magic” is not a classic collection of advice from an established author. It is a book about “the relationship between man and the mystery of inspiration”: it only takes courage to allow yourself to create without questioning whether the world is ready to support your endeavors.

4. Story by Robert McKee

Storytelling has managed to become one of the most important skills, but the stories themselves have always accompanied us in all spheres of life. It is they that help to captivate listeners during public speaking or presentation. But is it possible to learn how to tell a story? Wouldn’t what is considered a whole art become a pattern work?

Robert McKee is convinced that even the most original story needs a systematic approach that is more than a thousand years old. That is why the master screenwriter, whose seminars have given the way to many famous names in the industry, shares his knowledge in his book.  He reveals techniques for revealing vivid characters, developing a plot that can evoke real emotion, and how to go from suspense to finale so that it affects every reader. In the end, only those who are familiar with the rules can break them.

When talented people write poorly, there are two reasons: either they are blinded by an idea they think they have to justify, or they are driven by emotion and want to express it. When talented people write well, there is only one reason: they are driven by a desire to elicit an emotional response from the audience.

To write well you have to read a lot. Some people prefer to leave the writing to one of the best essay writing service and concentrate more on other assignments. Others enjoy writing but can’t do it well. We hope these books will help your writing skills.

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