How to use Google analytics data for improve online content marketing

How to Use Google Analytics Data For Improve Online Content Marketing is one fine guide or step by step consideration for my fellow bloggers and new blog developers and also, web masters. Google analytics is a tool developed by Google.Inc and give it a totally free with just open your account with Google free. The Power of this best website data analytics tool is boundary less with creative way.

Here we are try to tap some most important features and how to use it with your blog or website for online content marketing improvement. So, friends don’t rush on it and try to understand how the flow of visitors with their domestic presence with devices and networks out of this Google analytics data analysis.

Google Analytics Data and Online Content Marketing

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Looking at reports isn’t enough. You have to take the data from Google Analytics and make adjustments to your site to get more visitors and conversions. 80 % of retailers are using Google analytics incorrectly. Google analytics providers actionable data that can be used to increase traffic and improve conversion rate.

Using Google Analytics to Increase your Traffic

Increase organic traffic using SEO queries and landing page reports

Step 1 – Connect Google analytics with Google webmaster tools.

Step 2 -Use the seo report within Google analytics to see keyword ranking, clicks,impressions. Read about Directories to Submit Website for Better Crawling and Indexing

Step 3 -Look for keywords with the most impressions.

Step 4 – improve the CTR Those Keywords by improving the targeting of page titles and descriptions.

You can increase your CTR by using the following techniques on your copy:

Keep title tag around 55 characters and meta descriptions around 156 characters. Make sure the information you provide matches the intention of keyword(s) You’re getting the most traffice from. User benefit driven copy. basically describe how the information on that page can benefit the type of user coming though those keyword.

20 % keywords ranking in sport 1-4 have a target CTR of 20% or higher
8 % keywords ranking in spot 5-6 have a target CTR of 8% or higher.
3 % keywords ranking in spot 7-10 have a target CTR of 3% or higher.

Increase Organic traffic using traffics sources: keywords Report


OPPORTUNITY 1 : Use them as alt tags for images.

OPPORTUNITY 2 : Update the images titles with those keywords as well.

OPPORTUNITY 3 : Ensure your descriptions and page titles include the same keywords to help improving ranking.

OPPORTUNITY 4 : Use them as anchor text for internal links (rotate them properly to avoid penalization).

OPPORTUNITY 5 : Create more content based on keywords that are driving the most traffic.

Spend more time focused on driving additions traffic from your top sources by using the traffic sources top referrers report.

For top referring community site such as niche forums and sub-Reddit:

For top Referring blogs:

Continue nurturing your relationship and find more cross promotional opportunities. Double down on your guest post. if you’re doing 1 post per month, see if you can scale it up to 3-4 per month. Check out  Point to point Tips and Tricks for Increase Organic Traffic to Blog.

For top referring social sites:

Twitter , Facebook and Google plus Spend more time on the social media channel that is working the best. Find witch exact post/tactics are driving traffic.Once you figure it out,do more of it. Double Down on growing fans and creating content for that channel.

Product more content that resonates with your audience using the content overview report

Step 1 – Find the top content on your site.
step 2 – Use this to developers a content plan that caters to what your audience want.
step 3 – Focus on creating complementary content that can increase use engagement adn site time.

Use the visits report

  • Find Optimal To Post by finding thw most trafficked day to increase engagement.
  • Promote more on social media on the respective channels that are sending the most traffic.

Using GA to increase your conversion rate:

Remove bottlenecks through users flow report

Step 1 – Narrow the report by traffic source, location, device,etc.

Step 2 – highlight traffic to a specific conversion page.

Step 3 – Analyze the average drop off point in the funnel from landing to conversion.

Step 4 – Use conversion optimization methods to improve the weak link.

So, how can you use it to improve your marketing? Well, I’ve Ref. this infographic that will walk you through the steps you need to take. Check with click on image for Detail View.



Ref: | Neil Patel


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So, Friends this is all about how to use one of the best analytic tool for your web site or daily updated blog with Google Analytics. Hope you enjoy this entire conversation on Google analytics for improvement of your content marketing and also, web traffic. Have a some suggestions in your mind? Surely share with us bellow in comments.

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