Indian custom shop telegram Group is Real?

I want to inform you about telegram scammer by the name Custom officers. he claims, he is selling custom electronic items like high end phones, Camera laptops etc.

I should have known, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. but my greed got best of me and I am fooled by him. I just wish nobody else get swindled by him like i did. he is running telegram channel by the name ‘Mumbai Customs shop‘ ‘ Pune Customs shop. This group has around 103k members.

Group is very convincing with lot of people’s testimonials and chatting screenshots He asks to pay half money by paytm, and then he shows a courier status that item has been sent.

After that he asks to send remaining money. As a proof of his genuinity, he also shared his aadhar card and other documents.

Indian custom shop telegram Group is Real or fake?

These people hide behind the Telegram App… They create channels and do their business… Unfortunately, you cannot get their phone number from Telegram App, so can’t directly call or talk to them.. You just message and wait for their response…

There are many other channels I found, which work in a similar mode…

Mumbai Customs shop‘ ‘ Pune Customs shop

Look here… How many people were already got cheated by these folks…

Once the money is transferred to their paytm account, they block you in the Telegram app and stop responding to your queries… and you lose the money…

all telegram People cheated.. Avoid This Scam!!..


  • Indian custom shop is Fraud channel on telegram and they are cheating with people and looting money of innocent people. Mr Prasad Rao who is handling this channel (may be he is) introducing him as custom office and working under B . Bhattacharya (who is chief commissioner in custom department at Mumbai). He is misused his name and cheated people. Plz take action against him.

  • This is a fake site in telegram delivering fake products sending images of the fake pics of phone . He will ask for 1000 payment and then on courier even he has tricon fake courier details. Parag Karunakar Custom Shop in pune

  • one of our group just ended to paying him advance money for a handset which was never delivered. He stop responding as soon as money was deposited in his account.

  • It’s fake but it’s not true he does not give mobile number. He gives Paytm or phonepe number. So if we give complaint they can track this scammers. Problem is the one who got scammed won’t even bother to complain . I was about to pay but I knew even to send mobile through DTDC in 3 to 5 days it would cost more than 1000 . Then how could someone give mobile at 3000 earlier it was 2000 . So I started collecting all snapshots from a month which he shows on his group assoon as payments are made. When 10 payments are made he removes it. But I have nearly 300 people payment details. Have list of upi/ phone numbers he has used to collect money. I tried to find few people contact on Facebook or Instagram . They confirmed it’s a scam.. I am going to make cyber crime complaint tomorrow. But i am not sure how serious they will take the case. I think if there is some collective complaint things will work. If anyone have any good idea to catch the scammer please respond.

  • Hello i have also been victim of fraud scam. There is another channel on Telegram called Rishi phone bajar. He is also luring customers by giving fake story and selling at very cheap cheap rates of mobile laptops cameras etc. I paid 120 uk pounds via paypal from UK on 15th May 2020. I need my money back please help me im not a indian citizen. How can i claim my money back. Now i cant trust any Indian for sure.

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