Whatsapp Vs Telegram | Best Alternative Of Whatsapp Free Download

WhatsApp Vs Telegram: Best Alternative Of Whatsapp Free Download is really cool comparison WhatsApp messenger app features and Telegram messenger app Features. Users always try to find which messenger apps is more reliable, faster, trustworthy, or User-friendly Mobile messenger apps.

Whatsapp vs Telegram best and user friendly features. Just have a look it. Actually here I would like to say somethings and useful informative points about ” Whatsapp vs Telegram ” social messaging apps. Now a days we all are know about Whatsapp messaging app. very well and use to also.

But one new Social massaging app also appears in market which is know as Telegram. This is also some how functionally same as whatsapp. But there is some hidden differences in usability of both applications.

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Whatsapp vs Telegram

So, friends I would like to put some differences between WhatsApp vs telegram, what I identify as per my experience and knowledge. Since the two apps offer similar features, users often ask: Which one is better? While both have pros and cons, which app you should use more often depends on what you’re trying to get out of an instant messaging app. 

Whatsapp vs Telegram, telegram-vs-whatsapp, this is a cool comparison of whatsapps and telegram social application

Key Feature differences between WhatsApp vs Telegram

  • Particulars – WHATSAPP – TELEGRAM
  • Price – $ 0.99 (Now Free) / year – $0
  • Per group – 100 – 200
  • Desktop version – No – Yes, for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Servers – Centralized – Network
  • License – Proprietary (Copyright lifetime) – GNU General Public License v2.0
  • Encryption – No – AES-256 and RSA 2048
  • Privacy extra option – No – Discussions that self-eliminate.
  • Available in Catalan – Yes – Not yet
  • Voice messages – Yes – No
  • Media Limit – 50 Mb – No limits
  • Secret Chat – No – Yes
  • Secure – No – Yes

While individual needs play a huge role in deciding which instant messaging app is better, considering the features, Telegram is an obvious winner. It has more comprehensive and efficient features, making your chatting experience more secure, easy, and enjoyable. 

Telegram Vs. Whatsapp: Data safety

The privacy issues that Whatsapp is dealing with seem to be benefiting Telegram but there are some serious questions to be asked about Telegram’s safety as well.

For example, Telegram is marketed as an app that uses end-to-end encryption but this might be misleading. While this feature is available, it’s only applied to Telegram’s Secret Chats – a feature we’ll get to in the next section. This bypasses Telegram’s Cloud (where all messages are usually stored) but it doesn’t apply to other messages. Their MTProto encryption protocol is proprietary and it isn’t open-source.

In reality, both of these apps are unlikely to read your messages but in theory, Telegram could do so. On the other hand, Whatsapp uses end-to-end encryption, so we’re still waiting for the announced privacy update to decide on which app is safer.

Key Differences between WhatsApp and Telegram

  • On WhatsApp users can create a group for Upto 256 participants where Group conversations on Telegram can have Up to 200 participants and users can create supergroups up to 100,000 participants.
  • On WhatsApp, Users can share Files and media up to 16 MB whereas, On Telegram, Users can share Files and media up to 1.5GB.
  • WhatsApp allows Users can update status for 24 Hours, on TelegramUsers can update status as a Bio
  • WhatsApp provides End-to-End encryption for chats while on Telegram End-to-End encryption is provided On request for secret chats
  • On WhatsApp, There is no Message editing feature however Users can delete Messages within 51 Minutes. Also “disappearing messages” feature is introduced recently. Telegram allows Users can edit messages within 48 hours and delete Messages within 48 hours.
  • On WhatsApp, There is no in-app browser whereas  Telegram has an in-app browser available.
  • There is no Passcode feature provided by WhatsApp but users can use third-party software to set a password. Also, Fingerprint authentication is coming soon. Telegram allows Users can set a passcode for an app.
  • On WhatsApp, There is no Channel service. Where On Telegram, Educational groups or businesses can create channels to share information. Users can join or leave these channels whenever they want.
  • On WhatsApp, users can have Phone and video calls. On the other hand On Telegram, Users can only have phone calls
  • On WhatsApp, Simultaneous access is not available. Users can access WhatsApp and Telegram from their PC. But  Telegram has an advanced feature, multi-device support. Simultaneous access is provided so users can use it on 2 or more devices at the same time even if there is an internet connection on mobile. Also, Chats are stored on the cloud server hence chats are portable. On the contrary,  on WhatsApp, Chats, or conversations Can’t be transmitted to other numbers or devices.
  • On WhatsApp, Users can not set different usernames. Whereas Users can set different usernames on Telegram.
  • Recently WhatsApp has introduced a payment feature named  WhatsApp Pay which is based on the UPI payments platform. Where Telegram doesn’t have any payments feature.

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In this article, we have seen a detailed comparison between WhatsApp and Telegram based on all features. You can choose any of them based on your requirements and privacy preferences. We hope you will find this article helpful. So, Friends this is all about WhatsApp vs telegram android messenger apps and this comparative data about their features and apk will help you to choose best out of it.


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