Whatsapp Vs Telegram: Best Alternative Of Whatsapp Free Download is really cool comparison whatsapp messenger app features and Telegram messenger app Features. Users always try to find which messenger apps is more reliable, faster, trustworthy, or User-friendly Mobile messenger apps.

Whatsapp vs Telegram best and user friendly features. Just have a look it. Actually here I would like to say somethings and useful informative points about ” Whatsapp vs Telegram ” social messaging apps. Now a days we all are know about Whatsapp messaging app. very well and use to also.

But one new Social massaging app also appears in market which is know as Telegram. This is also some how functionally same as whatsapp. But there is some hidden differences in usability of both applications.

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Whatsapp vs Telegram

So, friends I would like to put some differences between whatsapp vs telegram, what I identify as per my experience and knowledge.

Whatsapp vs Telegram, telegram-vs-whatsapp, this is a cool comparison of whatsapps and telegram social application

Key Feature differences between Whatsapp vs Telegram :

  • Particulars – WHATSAPP – TELEGRAM
  • Price – $ 0.99 (Now Free) / year – $0
  • Per group – 100 – 200
  • Desktop version – No – Yes, for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Servers – Centralized – Network
  • License – Proprietary (Copyright lifetime) – GNU General Public License v2.0
  • Encryption – No – AES-256 and RSA 2048
  • Privacy extra option – No – Discussions that self-eliminate.
  • Available in Catalan – Yes – Not yet
  • Voice messages – Yes – No
  • Media Limit – 50 Mb – No limits
  • Secret Chat – No – Yes
  • Secure – No – Yes

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So, Friends this is all about whatsapp vs telegram android messenger apps and this comparative data about their features and apk will help you to choose best out of it.

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  • It is often found in group chatting that there is lack of participation by some of its members especially in WhatsApp where we cannot consider the chat is read by everyone, where in Telegram we can see that which user is online and replying to the chat. I personally think this is a very cool feature of Telegram.

  • Document sharing is also an advantage where you can share your documents
    1. Power point presentation
    2. Word File
    3. PDF file
    4. Audio File
    5. Video File

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