Online Banking Safety and Security Tips for Protect Online Info.

Online Banking and Transaction is going to be easy now a days. But when things come to Money Online. Risk is also important factor come with online banking facility. So, today we see some important online banking safety and security tips. That will help to protect your online information. Many people loose their money while use online banking facilities. And became a part of online scams. So, how to protect your online information and secure your online transactions against any online scams.

Online Banking Security Tips

Below are simple steps for safe online banking transactions. Which is help you to avoid compromising your details to any online scams. Like Phishing, SIM Duplication, Vishing etc.

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Tips to Secure Online Banking Information.

  • For online banking logging in. Always type the website address ( on your web browser. or you can use ( on your mobile browser.
  • Always keep the padlock icon at the upper or bottom right corner of the webpage. When you are proceeding for ‘On’ during secure online banking transactions.
  • Always check on the image and personalized message to ensure. That you are on a genuine XYZ Bank website. Also, use the virtual keyboard option to prevent keystroke capturing.
  • If you are find your mobile number inactive, or are unable to make any calls. Please contact your telecom service provider immediately. And try to understand the reason.
  • In case your telecom service provider confirms release of your number or SIM card to another person. Please file a complaint immediately on both. With the telecom service provider and local law enforcement.
  • Please immediately call up XYZ Bank Phone Banking. Check your online banking account through XYZ Bank Net Banking. For any unusual transactions or beneficiaries added to your account.

Online banking security best practices:

  • Avoid sharing information through emails. Take care specially with pop-up messages (phishing.) that ask you to disclose your credit card number. bank account information, password, debit card number. ATM PIN, OTP, VBV / Master secure code / Diners Club ProtectBuy password. or other sensitive information.
  • Beware of scams that ask for your personal information over phone (vishing.) or through SMS (smishing).
  • Do not download any software, applications on your PC. Also on laptop, tablets or Mobile Phone unless you trust the source.
  • Do not transfer funds to or share your online banking account details with unknown. Or non-validated source luring you with commission or attractive offers. (CAUTION: Participation in any such act is illegal and can result in a jail term).
  • Ensure that you have installed legitimate (non pirated) operating system. With latest anti-virus, anti-spyware, personal firewall, security patches on your computer, smartphones and tablets or other electronic gadget.
  • Do not access Net Banking or make payments using your debit/credit card from shared or unprotected computers/smart phones in public places.

Important Online Banking Tips:

Remember, XYZ Bank will never ask for your password. Or Details like customer id, credit/debit card PIN, CVV, DOB, Bank Account details. Net & Mobile Banking services and any other confidential information. By any way or via text message, e-mail, phone or any other way.

Such sensitive information should never be divulged to anybody. even if he/she claims to be from the Bank. We advise our readers to completely ignore such communications.

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So, friends this is all about Easy and Useful Guide for Protect Online Information. Make your online banking activity more secure and safety transactions. This online security guide may help you in many ways. Have a threads on the same online security subject, share with your tips with us.

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