Hats off to T.C. of Coach S-11 of Saurashtra Mail on Dated 02-11-2014

This is really interesting incidents of my life. Before few days we are visited countries side home that those days are really enjoyable. But when we are coming back towards our day to day routine  schedule. When we will decide to come back to our routine schedule we decided to take the train.

That’s why book a ticket before 2 months and luckily we got reservation in Saurashtra mail in coach number 11, but this is remarkable journey of my life. Here I would like to explain why this is so much important journey we see ahead of this journey.

Hats off to T.C. of Saurashtra Mail

So friends,  let’s start the story with we are started from our grandfather’s country home, Toward Railway station for caught Saurashtra mail. This is actually long time and sun is on the peak at noon time around 2 o’clock.  we are waiting for our one and only train towards to Bombay. After half and our of wait Saurashtra mail just arrived.

After 30 minutes of waiting in direct sunlight on the platform number 1 of Chorwad Road railway station. Then, just entered in our coach and find out our Seat, Put luggage in their place and take our seats that is the best time of the left home. Because i really miss the countryside this enjoyable holidays of vacation.

So, when  train reach Junagadh junction, suddenly all the local coach passengers  of Saurashtra mail train rush in our coach number 11,  because local  coach already full and there is no place for seat or stand.

People are standing here and there nearby toilet and also there is no breathing space inside the coach. In this situation, we reach Rajkot junction. At this junction Saurashtra mail stop half hour. unfortunately same day there are some Indian railway recruitment exam going on and people around India are came to attend exam, this non routine traffic also started entered in Saurashtra mail.

Those people are so arrogant and they don’t care about reservation passengers on any other seating people on seat. Actually these reservations are already done before 2 months of journey. After we are reaching at Ahmadabad,  it was almost 10 o’clock in the night. Then at that time those people, actually they have no ticket but local train travel pass have not want to leave our coach.

But our happy time was started when train was started from Ahmadabad junction and then New TC entered in our coach and check tickets. I would like to salute our TC. Actually I don’t know his name but He was a TC of coach number 11 of Saurashtra mail on 2nd November2014.

I really amaze because he directly ask those are from north India specifically from Bihar and UP side. Exam attendant those does actually don’t know how to travel and also don’t  know what information write  in railway travel pass.

They also don’t know how to travel and where to seat, and they are just came to Indian railway recruitment exam. So, TC just slapped  2 or 3 of him and put them on next station out of the train. And I really appreciate non corrupt ticket checker Saurashtra mail. Because we all know and read this for more about “Honesty is Best Policy Quotes of Life from Those Who Digest it….!!!”

This incidence of my life really eye opener of me, because when our youth and new generation are not respect our systems, then why we are expect same from others.

Actually major of us experienced corrupt Ticket Checkers many time in many ways on India Railway. But this is a first occasion of my life I see this none corrupt Ticket checker on Saurashtra mail and I Proud to be a traveler of those train. We can say this is a start of “Start of Good Days”

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