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கப்பல்(The Ship) By Masonry Of Architects-MARQ

This is a west facing plot where the longer side is on west and shorter side is on east. since it is a west facing plot the walls on the west and south done in rat trap bond masonry and the ceiling is done with pot fillers and hurudi filler blocks.

The double storey height in the stair core has openings that is used to light the entire space. The living space has a curvilinear wall profile to ensure the site context and not to waste dead space around the plot in the name of straightening the built form.

The Ship By Masonry of Architects in Erode

Project Type: Residential Interior & Residential Architecture

Project Name:  கப்பல்(The Ship)

Location: Erode

Year Built:2021-2022

Duration of the project:1.5 years

Plot Area:2400

Built-up Area:3000

Project Size (in sq. ft.):3000

Project Cost (approx.):85 lakhs


Team Design Credits (for Particular Project): AR. SANJAY KAND

Drawings: Plans, Sections, Elevations and Unique details of the project according to you.

Basic Insights of your firm and the project

The south west corners of the building are done with glass to ensure that southwest light on site and north east. all corner were planned to act as wind channels to amplify the winds through the predominant wind corners. seating spaces like thinnai are created all around the house foreseeing the different contexts around the house. Buffer spaces are created on the western side to reduce the heat conductance on the spaces on the east.


  • Finishes –
  • Wallcovering / Cladding –Wirecut Bricks
  • Construction Materials –Wirecut Bricks, Filler Pots,
  • Lighting –
  • Doors and Partitions -Wood
  • Sanitaryware -Parryware
  • Facade Systems –Filtering West Sun with Hurudi’s And Ratrap Bond Masonry
  • Windows -Wood
  • Furniture -WOOD
  • Paint -ASIAN
  • Artefacts -BUDDHA
  • Wallpaper –
  • Hardware –

Consultants for the Project:

  • Civil –AR. SANJAY KAND
  • Interior Designers –AR. SABARISH, AR. TAMIL
  • Landscape Architects – AR. SABARISH, AR. TAMIL
  • MEP & HVAC Consultants –
  • Structure Engineers –PAVITHRAN G.S
  • Lighting Designers –
  • Acoustics Consultants –SEKAR AV
  • Environmental &Sustainability Consultants –
  • Contractors –
  • Project Managers –
  • Quantity Surveyors –
  • Interior Styling-EASWAR

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All the corners are curved along the context of the house to create a free flow movement around the house the angular parking lot is created with a foyer to ensure the maximum utility to park the vehicles. the first-floor ceiling has a coffered roof slab that reduced the dead load on the columns and the beams. the house is structured above the waterlogged area of erode that abuts a canal on north with a coconut grove which acts as a perennial source of wind and light.

The hurudis blocks are used in the façade that acts as a stand for birds and also a filtered opening towards the western sun.

The Project Architectural Aspects:

  • 1)Climate Responsive Planning
  • 2)Passive lighting
  • 3)Stack effects
  • 4)Contextual Acoustics
  • 5)Thermal Efficiency
  • 6)Carbon negative Possibilities
  • 7)Filler slab
  • 8)coffer slab
  • 9)rain water harvesting

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The entire house is planned by maximizing the   utility of the filtered western sun in and around the house. The house is planned for a solar grid and rain water harvesting system.

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