Traffic Fines In India, Traffic violations, Guidelines To Drivers, if you’re caught breaking the traffic rules, Mumbai MH-India Traffic Police is all set to say goodbye to cash transactions from January as it finally launches the e-Challahan system start. New Payment Mode – you might be asked to swipe your debit or credit card to pay the penalty. motorists not carrying any cards, there is another option – they will be given a 15-day window to pay the fines through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT).

Such online transactions will reduce corruption as no traffic constable can take cash from here on.

Traffic Fines Rules and Violation Guidelines in India


Driving without helmets or seat belts. Violators will be fined, face a suspension of their licence for three months, and will be asked to attend two-hour counselling sessions as well, as Transport Minister Diwakar Raote had recently announced.

Traffic fines

  • Driving without carrying a Valid Driving License – INR 5000** and/ or imprisonment for up to 3 months
  • Permitting your vehicle to be driven by an individual who does not hold a Valid Driving License. – INR 5000** and/ or imprisonment for up to 3 months
  • Not carrying the required documents as specified in Motor Vehicle Act while driving. – INR 500**
  • Driving without a Valid Auto Insurance. – INR 2000 ** and/ or imprisonment for up to 3 months
  • Driving without a Valid Permit. – Up to INR 5000 and no less than INR 2000
  • Driving without Valid Vehicle Fitness Certificate. – Up to INR 5000 and no less than INR 2000
  • Driving without Valid Vehicle Fitness Certificate. – Up to INR 5000 and no less than INR 2000
  • Vehicle without RC Book (Registration Certificate) –  INR 2000

“This system will also help us identify repeat offenders as everything will be digitised and all the data will be stored in computers every day,” said a traffic cop.

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ROAD SAFETY Tips – Guidelines To Drivers  

  •  Obey Police Signal
  •  Park Your Vehicle in “Parking Areas” Only
  •  Do Not Stop Your Vehicle in the Middle of the Road
  • Never be Under the Influence of Liquor while Driving
  • Stop Your Vehicle When Pedestrians are Crossing the Road on Zebra Crossing
  • Do Not Overtakes on Blind Corners
  • Give Way to Up-Coming Vehicle
  • Do Not Overload Your Vehicle With Passengers
  • Use Dimmer During Night Travel
  • Do Not Carry Goods which are not Legally Permitted
  • Always carry Your License and Relevant Papers of the Vehicle
  • Check Your Vehicle Condition Before you take it out Every Morning
  • Be Polite to Passengers
  • Exhibit your fare chat prominently to Passengers
  • Keep First Aid Box in Your Vehicle
  • Inform Police Immediately of any Motor Accident
  • Carry the Injured to Nearest Hospital whenever any Accident Occurs

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