5 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission [2022 Review]

The logic behind cell phone tracking apps seems to be the answer to frequently asked questions such as “How do I track my phone without it knowing?”

Anyone can spy on a person’s phone using phone monitoring apps. Because these apps are legal, it is understandable that most people view them with some skepticism.

Those found using these apps illegally in modern society face severe penalties. While we may have used them in an unethical manner in the past, there are legitimate reasons for spyware apps. They can be used by worried parents to track their child’s phone activities.

Phone Tracker App,

How to Track a Phone Without Knowing It

They can be used by law enforcement agencies to track someone’s cell phone number without their knowledge. These apps can be used for a wider range of purposes. Cell phone tracking apps are not illegal by their nature. It all depends on how they are used.

Nevertheless, this article will show you how to track someone’s mobile phone without their knowledge.

Number Tracker pro

This app is a great cell phone number tracker that allows users to find a phone or fixed-mobile line in more than 100 countries and 12 000 cities worldwide. It has a database that holds information about different locations worldwide as well as codes for different countries. It provides information about the precise location of the mobile number, including its state, city, and country.

Many features include:

Locate a phone number- This tool allows you to pinpoint the exact location of any number in any country, including the USA, Russia and India. It will show you the area, the state and the country of the number, as well as the service provider.

  • True Caller ID and location – This allows you to identify unknown calls and see their location. With just their number, you can find the live location of any person.
  • Call Blocker – This allows you to block unsolicited calls like spam and fraud callers.
  • Search Offline – This app allows you to search for a phone number or ISD code without the need of an internet connection.

It is available for free on all Android and iOS phones.


mSpy allows remote access to all data, activities and calls on any phone regardless of its Android or iPhone version. It can monitor all outgoing and incoming messages, track browser activity, and obtain the current location of your phone, while staying completely invisible on the target phone.

It is very easy to install the app, taking less than five minutes. It does not require rooting or jailbreaking. To ensure you are not missing any important details, the information on your cell phone is updated every five minutes. We also find this tool remarkable for its security, which allows only you to view the information on a targeted phone.


EyeZy can discreetly be installed on any target device that you wish to spy on, without the knowledge or consent of its owner. eyeZy works in total stealth mode and relays information to your eyeZy subscription account. eyeZy is capable of doing everything you would expect a cell-phone spying app to do.

It can monitor all outgoing and incoming calls, track online activity, and pinpoint the location of a phone’s GPS in real-time. EyeZy can track every keyword entered on the target device. It’s also notable for its geofencing feature which alerts you when a target device owner enters or exits a designated area on the map.


SpyBubble, a cell phone spy app, allows you to track all activity on your target device in real time. SpyBubble is one of those apps that can give you the exact location of your target device in real time after it has been installed. Its amazing Geofinder feature will allow you to know where your device is at any time.

The tracking capabilities of the device are not limited to calls, messages, social apps activity and browsing activity. The app also includes a keylogger that tracks every word on the target device. The app is ideal for parents who want to monitor their child’s phone usage.


Cocospy is a phone tracker that can be used to locate an Android or iOS smartphone without the owner’s knowledge. Cocospy’s stealth mode is powerful and allows you to track phone activity without being detected.

You can simply open a Cocospy Account, grab the device you wish to track, then install Cocospy.

To track the target device once it is installed, log in to your Cocospy Account to begin tracking it.

Track all outgoing and incoming calls, SMSs, browser activity, monitor browser activity, and read Whatsapp conversations. We love its geofencing feature.

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