Top 10 Apps To Track Your Spouse’s Phone

Presently, we live in a technology-driven environment where smart devices are becoming a must for all. With the increasing use of smart devices, the risks of cyber attacks have also risen. Teens with mobile phones and Internet access have a whole new life that their families are oblivious of.

In addition, from texting to scheduling a meeting, we use our smartphones. For families, cell phones may help them monitor where their children are. The outer world is riddled with abuse, abduction, sexual assault, etc. No parent needs their child to be a target of some sort of physical or online threat.

That’s why parents have been using apps to automatically monitor children’s mobile phones. In this post, we’re going to unveil the top ten smartphone monitoring applications to help families monitor their child’s real-time position.

So whatever the excuse you’ve got, you need to find a great app that will help you track your phone without knowing it. Depending on the purpose of the monitoring, the app will be free or paid for.

Spyine – Our Top Pick

Spyine is the world’s most used mobile phone monitoring app. Its main feature is that you can track almost everything with it— including who the targeted person is calling, texting, as well as what applications they’re using, number of friends, location, etc. 

Apps To Track Your Spouse’s Phone, Spyera, Fami360, FlexiSpy, KidsGuard, FamiSafe, MinSpy, CocoSpy, Spyier, Spyic, Spyine,

Ease of use and efficiency are the main features of Spyine.

Some Salient features of Spyine:

Apps To Track Your Spouse’s Phone, Spyera, Fami360, FlexiSpy, KidsGuard, FamiSafe, MinSpy, CocoSpy, Spyier, Spyic, Spyine,
  • Provides real-time location monitoring along with past history.
  • With Geofencing, a safe location can be set.
  • The software will block and track all applications mounted on your Android smartphone.
  • Spyine helps users to filter all website content.
  • Screen time management and tracking are also very useful in minimizing the use of tablets with the help of Spyine or go to this article to discover some more apps and their features.


Spyic is also among the world’s top apps that monitor your targeted device without the other person knowing. it’s versatile with different devices and easy-to-use applications, as well as all-powerful features. You can set up Spyic in the targeted phone in just a few minutes.   

And you’ll get messages like reminders as you watch your target phone. Its geofencing functionality is one of the most valuable features; it lets you set a constraint on your children’s phones and warn you automatically when your children leave or step out of that range.

It will also help to block all pages, applications, and the internet at night so that your kids can get a great rest.


Spyier is potentially another incredible app to track your target mobile phones without the target’s knowledge. It functions as a surveillance app that stays hidden all the time & runs in the background.   

It can run in stealth mode to detect any iOS or Android smartphone without much difficulty. Spyier has the potential to work in the background while it does its job of monitoring someone’s devices.

It will monitor a wide variety of events, including conversations, browser history, call logs, SMS, and everything else. You can do any of these things on your target phones without knowing them.


CocoSpy promises to be the best app to monitor your target devices without your target person’s knowledge. It’s because of its compatibility for multiple devices and easy-to-use features.

With this tracker software, you can follow your target device(s) in a matter of a few minutes. It will give you messages including alerts as you track your aimed devices and other gadgets.

Its geofencing functionality is considered to be one of the most versatile and significant features in the CocoSpy app. It helps you to create a limit on your children’s phones and warn you automatically when your children leave or step away from the boundary.


MinSpy is one of the most commonly used applications for monitoring Android phones, Windows PCs, and Mac devices. Using MinSpy as an app to track your phone without knowing is fairly simple. Only log in to create your account, update the software on your targeted smartphone, and view all major details on your web-based dashboard. It integrates with all big social media platforms and also monitors the position of the person in full detail.


FamiSafe helps you to find the location information of your spouse and monitor their phones. Particularly when it’s your spouse’s phone. You can also store your children’s position history, black advertising website(s), GPS, and access their search history.


KidaGuard is another competent GPS location app that watches the goals without recognizing them. It also offers the highest degree of protection for your children in a modern environment and can monitor the handset in a real-time position on the dashboard. You will see whether the children (or family members) are safe or not.


FlexiSpy helps you to search your children’s position background by using it. In addition, with FlexiSpy you can also track your children’s phones and their content – images, notes, browser history, and other media app info. Any of this covers social media sites and messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and so forth.


Fami360 is mainly meant for adult surveillance purposes but may be used to trap a cheating partner. You can see the phone or tablet of your partner with Fami360. It offers simple security functionality like many other spy applications.

You will access messages, call records, videos, and photographs of your cheating partner.


Spyera is a versatile mobile phone tracking solution that lets you keep a close eye on your cheating partner. It’s an award-winning app, but it comes lower on our ranking because of its sophistication.

This is a secure mobile phone tracking solution that effectively collects all data via your partner’s phone. That being said, you will need technical skills to make full use of the Spyera tracking features.


In this article, we mentioned the top 10 best spy applications. Spyine Mobile Phone tracking solutions lead the industry with their strong feature simplicity of use and availability. So if you are currently looking for an app, go for Spyine without having a second thought!

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