When To Take Protein Shake: Before Or After Workout?


Regarding protein shakes, how to drink is just as important as when to drink. Many of you are overwhelmed by the benefits of protein shakes – mainly because they help build and maintain muscle, weight gain, weight loss and recovery.

Once you have got your hands on your protein blend, you might question yourself: what is the best time to take your protein powder for optimal results? 

Protein helps in keeping your muscles well-fed and helps them grow. Consider adding a fat burner with protein as it will keep the metabolism high, and thus, fat oxidation occurs inside your body throughout the day. 

Protein Shake,

Why Does Timing of Your Protein Intake Matters?

The correct time to consume protein powder depends on your health, fitness goals, schedules, and preferences.

Absorption of protein in the body depends on the sources of protein, whether faster or slower than others, which means the protein type and consumption time are all together.

For example, micellar casein is a type of protein that digests slowly – the ideal choice for those drinking a protein shake is just before bed. 

Alternatively, most protein powders are fast absorbing, making them an amazing post-workout option. Furthermore, which type of protein is right for you impacts when you consume your protein and how effective it is towards achieving your desired goals. 

Wake Up and Shake Up

When you consume protein shakes in the morning, your body has not been nourished for several hours. This protein shortage may cause muscle breakdown.

To provide your body with the energy it needs, a protein shake boost is great to maintain muscle recovery and re-energise you before that muscle breakdown starts!

For those who prefer taking protein shakes in the morning, try mixing it in a fruit smoothie or any baked recipe. 

Pre-workout Protein shake

Consuming protein shakes before exercise is significant as it is considered the gold standard of workout nutrition; research has shown that pre-workout protein is quite beneficial.

To get that extra pump, think of pre-workout protein shakes. Drinking protein before exercise can give you a kickstart for any protein synthesis that takes place during your workout.

Muscle protein synthesis can rise for as long as 3 hours after consuming a protein shake; you will benefit from elevated amino acids during and after your workout. 

In addition, including carbs in your diet routine before and after a workout is a crucial way to provide your body the energy it needs to fuel and refuel your muscles. 

Post Workout: Protein Timing

Consuming protein powder after a workout is as important as taking it before a workout, as it has been considered a gold standard.

Quick absorption of proteins delivers amino acids into your bloodstream precisely when they are needed the most. 

Taking protein supplements after a workout will help your tired muscles recover faster and bounce back even stronger. You are advised to have a serving of protein within 30 min of the workout for best results. 

Keep Drinking And Keep Lifting

Consuming protein powder during a workout can help you have nutrient-dense workout sessions. If you are into intense workouts, your protein shake can froth up in your stomach and cause discomfort.

If you ate before and continue to down that shaker bottle, you may feel too stuffed to move an inch by the end of your workout.

Bedtime Protein Stories

Sleep is the most crucial part of your routine besides drinking water. It is even more important than eating food – you can stay longer without having food than you can without sleep.

Combining good sleep with excellent nutrition is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your body healthy and refreshed. 

Your body becomes most productive at repairing and rebuilding muscles at night, so your bedtime routine is just as important as your exercise routine.

Additionally, if you are suffering from any sleep disorders like insomnia, consider adding soy protein to your diet, which can help you get a good night’s rest. 


Protein consumption is as important as what time you consume. You must be aware of your protein consumption timings now. Protein is always amazing to take, whether in the morning, pre-out or post-workout.

Suppose you are looking to build muscle effectively. In that case, you can add isolate whey protein, which is an amazing protein due to lower fat and carb content.

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