Architects Deserve More Visibility! A ZingyHomes Initiative

Architects Deserve More Visibility! A ZingyHomes Initiative. Lets #CelebrateArchitects. Recently ZingyHomes take some initiative towards the community of architects and designers across the country, to get better exposure with their work and creativity.

There are Architects who still believe in the power of hands rather than the power of CAD. But, technology has embraced and held us in such a tight corner that every action of ours demands an easy means. This means of technology could positively be used to avail and reach out to the unreachable. As Architects, know why and how you should do the same. Read More Here,….>

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Architects Deserve More Visibility.

Architects Deserve More Visibility,

‘Every great architect is – necessarily – a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.’ – Frank Lloyd Wright

An Architect fulfills one of the main basic needs of human life – ‘Shelter.’ The deserved visibility for the community of Architects is different from what they actually experience now.

They don’t shape just your shelter, but represent a city on the whole, through their building designs. It would be sufficient if at least one person from outside this community stands up to celebrate Architects, pulling them from backstage.

He is more than an Architect ! #CelebrateArchitects. Read More Here,….>

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This is just a try to Helping hands to Architects Deserve More Visibility Campaign.  Spread the word! Let’s make this campaign a success ‘ Architects Deserve More Visibility‘.

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