Google Images Show PM Narendra Modi in Top 10 Criminals

Hello Folks,… Internet giant Google has apologized “for any confusion or misunderstanding” caused after PM Narendra Modi’s images started appearing in image search results for query on “Top 10 criminals in India

A quick search on “Top 10 Indian criminals” throws up scores of images – most of them wanted terrorists, such as Dawood Ibrahim, and several unknown criminals peoples faces.
However, some of the images that do turn up may not have anything to do with the keywords or the content of the story.

Google images show PM Narendra Modi in Top 10 criminals in India

 The images that pop up on Google search are also connected to a link, like a story or blog, which may have the word “criminal” in it.
Here is a list of five Indians whose appearance on the image search results may be surprising, even bizarre.

top 10 criminals,

Narendra Modi- The Prime Minister’s photographs not only appears thrice in the front row, but can also be found several times in the results. The third photograph however is from The Telegraph report on a racist statement made by Dina Nath Batra, and has got nothing to do with the PM directly.

Google apologizes for PM Modi

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