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Housing.com just made Property Searching Easier than Ever

We all know how tough it is to move into a new city and look for shelter. We have no idea where the location is but the most tragic part is that when we do turn up there, it seems a complete waste of time because of the condition of the house.

You can tell what your requirements are to the broker, but there is no guarantee that they will only show that kind of apartments or flats to you.

Housing.com just made Property Searching Easier than Ever

Housing.com just made Property Searching Easier than Ever – kadvacorp.com

It is annoying, frustrating and time consuming affair, therefore it is better that you look for something which will assist you in meeting your exact requirement. This is the reason housing.com, an app for iOS device has become so popular.

It comes with all the features that will help you in finding a perfect house for you whether it is for rental purpose or if you are looking to own a house.

Housing.com – A solution for every city in India

No matter where you go you will find a perfect solution for residential purposes through Housing.com. If you want flats on rent in Bangalore or anywhere in India, then this iOS app will be the perfect choice for you because it will provide you with the pictures of each room as well. Therefore, half of the selection decision is made through this app.

Now if you are in doubt about the truthfulness of the images that are posted there, then you can be rest assured about it because the team of this Housing personally visits each home that are listed on their site.

Their team, which handles the data collection is really hard working and that is the reason they are able to come up with the best visual from every angle. This app allows you a virtual visit of the location so that you can make up your mind about the place.

Different indexes of the app

Through this app you will be able to narrow down your search. If you are moving in with your children, then it is important that you ensure that the locality is good enough for your kids.

The park, school and other entertainment factors for children are nearby so that when you move in with your children they find it easy to adjust in a new environment comfortably.

Depending on your lifestyle and income you can set your preference for the location and for that they have the lifestyle rating and also H – estimate indexes are also made available for you.

Now it is the age of smartphones and that is the reason, if you want to make it big you will have to come up with apps. This is the reason Housing has its own set of app available on iOS so that they can tap in the smartphone users as well.

Hassle free search

With the introduction of online searches things became quite easier, but now with housing.com iOS app coming into action the searching of houses has become a hassle free process. With the help of search filters you can sieve the information and only go through those which you think will fit your bill. If you want your flat in any particular location, then housing.com app will bring you just that and much more.

The flat details along with the photos of the location and the flat will be made available so that you can go through those first and then decide whether you want to go and see the flats in person or not.

If you don’t think the flat will suit your taste then there is no need to visit the location and waste your time. If you are new in the city, then it is hard for you to get the location from where you are staying at the moment, but if you are using this particular iOS app then you will be able to get the direction also.

In case you are not able to find a perfect match for yourself, then you can submit what your requirements are so that the app can look up for a property that will match your preferences. If they find any match to your requirement then they will contact you with details.

This app is now available in the cities like Mumbai, Ghaziabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Faridabad, etc. This app will not only provide you with the information about the property but they will also come up with the information about the agent of the location as well.

Final Call

Being a Civil Engineering student, I had personally installed this app long before and all I can say is, the estate business in India is going to be revolutionized by this venture. The panoramic views of inside of flats and many other aspects makes housing.com a must have application. Have you downloaded the app yet? If not, grab it from the App store and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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