You Are Losing Money If You Don’t Know Super Built Up Area

Super Built-up Area: You are losing money If you don’t know Carpet Area, Built-up Area and Super Built-up Area. When you buy any real estate properties like Bungalow, Flat, Raw house, Duplex, etc. So, friends, I really feel bad some time when someone who actually earn hard money and vest it just shack of ignorance of such a technical terminology like Carpet Area, Built-up Area, Super Built up Area. That is the basic reason to write and explain this post (You are losing money If you don’t know Super Built up Area) here. Bye the way, now a days, central govt. of India come with a resolution with RERA act for common public interest. This act actually reduce the frauds and cheating in reality sector. You can read about RERA act in How to calculate MAHA RERA carpet area definition.

Also, we are continue with our knowledge of how to calculate super built-up area for any property, which you want to purchase from builder or realtors.

What is Super Built up Area?

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How To Calculate Super Built Up Area Of Flat Or House

We are here see step by step explanation about all the market terminology of super built up area and their functions and how to deal with it. For understanding of super built-up area. We need to understand and know what is carpet area & built up area with how to calculate carpet area & built up area.

1. Usable Internal Carpet Area

  •  Definition of Carpet Area:

The carpet area is the usable and habitable rooms at any floor level (excluding the area of the wall). While the method of measurement of carpet area will be the same as in the IS code 3861:2002,

It will include carpet area of the living room(s), bedroom(s), kitchen area, lavatory(s), bathroom(s), and balcony / veranda, if provided, under the definition of the Tenement / Dwelling Unit as provided in the National Building Code, 2005 which is an independent housing unit with separate facilities for living, cooking and sanitary requirements.

Now we are see some explanatory diagram that show which area is under consideration of carpet area.

carpet area calculation

Here marked area is real internal usable carpet area.

carpet area calculation

Here marked area is real External usable carpet area.

carpet area calculation

2. Built-up Area (BUA)

  • Definition of Built-up Area:

BUA consists of carpet area covered by inner and outer walls and other areas mandated by the authority such as flower beds, dry balcony etc.

In other words you can say that covered area is the real area under the roof. carpet area is the area calculated from wall to wall inside the house, this would include steps if any, inside the house. Built up area is the carpet area + area covered by thickness of walls+ balconies etc. As a general rule built up area is around 8% to 10% more than carpet area.

built up area calculation

Here marked area is Built-up area (BUA).

built up area calculation

Here marked area is External Built-up area.

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