How To Get iOS on Android Devices

iOS on Android. Wait! What? What’s the catch man, is it a ROM with big memory or something? NO! Its a a simple small launcher like many other which will enable you to get the look and feel of iOS on Android devices you own.

Although many Android users stand far more against iOS, there are still plenty who do appreciate certain aspects and the feel of Apple’s Operating System.

How To Get iOS on Android Devices

With this in mind, developers often do come up with apps offering tweaks and twerks of the iPhone or iPad experience on Android smartphones and tablets, and Espier Studio has made its name through allowing the droid guys to dress their devices up with the iOS interface.

The new Espier Launcher iOS, as you might imagine, allows you to make your device look such that it’s running Apple’s latest and greatest Operating System. 

And some iPhone owners might not have upgraded to iOS because there is no jailbreak available for it yet, you can make your iPhone friends jealous by showing them this iOS.

Espier Launcher iOS allows you to bring that iOS experience to your Android home screen, and when coupled with Espier Screen Locker iOS, lets you transform your Nexus or Galaxy smartphone into something resembling a bitten Apple. Really.

Like Espier’s previous efforts, much attention to detail has been paid in creating these two apps, and when both are installed, the result is a rather convincing iOS impression. Sure, it’s not the exact same thing, and there are one or two discrepancies compared with the real thing, but overall, it’s a pretty good effort, and easily the best iOS experience you’re likely to find over at the Google Play Store.

I have given it a whirl on my Dad’s Android phone and have to report that it does indeed look beautiful. The vast majority of those having used it over at the Google Play Store  seem to agree, so if you want that iOS look but don’t want to go and spend money on a new device, then Espier Launcher iOS and Espier Screen Locker iOS are the things you are looking for.

Both are absolutely free to download and install on your device from the Play Store, so if you are intrigued by those Jony Ive made UI elements, check the direct download links below. Oh, and if you do happen to install them, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

(Download Espier Screen Locker iOS  / Espier Launcher iOS for Android on the Play Store)

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