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How to Use Artificial Plants Indoors

There is just something about using artificial plants to brighten up a place. They are super easy to look after compared to live ones, and they look great all year round.

Maybe that’s why they are becoming so popular all over the world!

These days, enjoying lush greenery is no longer a luxury reserved for those who love spending hours gardening away in the backyard. Today even busy, career-oriented professional and hectic households can easily add some personal green touches to their homes and outdoor spaces.

Looking for ways to incorporate artificial plants into your home décor? Read on!

Indoor Artificial Plants,

Vary Your Plants Anytime

Go with the season! Switch your plants according to the time of the year. Do a quick Google search to see which plants are in season. Having an out of season plant is just going to highlight that it is fake.

Investing in a few high-quality artificial greenery makes it easy to switch your plants and home décor according to the seasons. Purchase plants for spring, summer, autumn or winter, move the out-of-season ones into storage temporarily and bring them back out when it’s their seasonal turn again. It’s that easy!

Faux flowers and greenery make it very simple to swap out styles and species for a new look whenever you want. Here’s a list of common seasonal shrubs and blooms:

  • Summer
    • Lilies, Sunflowers and Geranium
  • Spring
    • Daffodils, Hyacinth, and Phalaenopsis
  • Winter
    • Tulips, Camellias and Winterberry
  • Fall
    • Chrysanthemums, Asters and Hydrangeas

However, if you’re interested, there is a plant that is a hot home décor ticket throughout the year! It’s none other than everyone’s favorite go-to plant, the tiny colorful succulent.

Artificial succulents are not only perfect for those who don’t have the space for larger plants or don’t have the time to care for a real one, succulents are also always in season. This means, just like their real cousins, you can display them all year round.

Have a Tree in the House?

While the most popular way to display houseplants is elevated, on the desk, bedside table, mantel and by the door, there is another interior design idea you should consider – artificial trees! Larger faux shrubs and trees will instantly give your home a stunning focal point and that natural vibe. Trees can offer both space-filling volume and height. They will also add an extra presence to an area, especially if you have a bigger room or expanse to work with.

Everyone’s favorite tree right now, trending on Instagram, is the artificial olive tree or the fiddle leaf fig tree.

Who would ever have thought of putting a tree in a house, trying to manage falling leaves, pruning and repotting? Well, the secret’s out. With a faux tree, there will be no sweeping and no watering! Even better, artificial trees remain the same size throughout their – considerable – lifespan. No need to worry about roots, fertilizer or dead branches. 

We say, bring in the tree!

Add a Botanical Design Accent

Make your favorite part of a room stand out with a gorgeous flowering plant. Select an eye-catching plant in vibrant colors and place it so it becomes a focal point.

Our favorite statement pieces to use are orchids!

Orchids (Orchidaceae) are the true symbol of elegance. There is a mysterious air to them as well, that seems to set them well apart from other flowers.

Simply put, they are perfection in a pot.

Orchids are available in a stunning range of colors – from mystique purple to dainty pink, bright yellow and pure white! These beauties are real eye-catchers. They will look fab against any backdrop and complement any home décor style.

Our favorite colors for the most popular orchid spots are:

  • On a centerpiece table, ideally right in front of the main door. Pink orchids.
  • On the piano. White orchids.
  • On the coffee table. Purple orchids.
  • On the dining table. Yellow orchids.

The fantastic thing about faux flowering orchids is that you can place them anywhere you want; they will stand out every time!

Define the Mood of any Room or Space

Set the mood or ambience with plants. Nothing adds a touch of lightness, warmth and style to a space like lush, healthy-looking greenery.

Plants are a key design element in any room, especially when you wish to achieve a nature-inspired theme.

Artificial plants are better for home decor! You will enjoy all of nature’s beauty with none of the maintenance! With fauxliage, you will be able to decorate your home with beautiful looking, healthy, thriving plants with none of the fuss of regular upkeep. That means no watering, fertilizing and pruning needed.

If you want to take it a step further, to make your plants look even more realistic, a great trick is to re-pot the faux plant into a new container. And when you do that, use actual soil!

Also, make sure to dust your plant regularly as it can collect dust just like everything else at home.

Whether real or fake, a plant is always a good and stylish idea. It will add an element of peace and serenity to your space.

There are just so many Reasons to go Faux!

Besides its low maintenance factor, there are so many reasons many of us are opting for fake greenery.

Not only are artificial plants the best choice for people without a green thumb, they are also the smarter option for those suffering from allergies, for your pets and also for households with young children. This is because some living plants unbeknownst to many, are poisonous.

Artificial greenery has changed the way people live big time. Faux plants make green jungles a possibility even in apartments or rooms with little natural light.

But, the very best part is that you won’t be able to tell the difference between a high-quality artificial plant or hedge and a real one. They really do look that real! Don’t believe us? Head over to your nearest faux plant shop to see. You’ll be amazed.

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